Maui Moisture - The Brand you Should Know About

Maui Moisture is a new haircare brand that comes under the umbrella of OGX. OGX is a trusted hair brand by many so I was super excited about this launch.

Maui moisture is slightly different than most haircare on the market. The main ingredient isn't water (like most haircare products). It uses Aloe Juice which is far more effective at adding hydration to the hair! They have a few ranges to cater for most hair types. The brand is also free from Sulphates, Silicones, artificial colours, mineral oils and ALES.  I've been testing quite a few of their goodies...

Maui Moisture Revive and Hydrate Shampoo* | £8.99

Firstly I have this shampoo which is aimed at very dry hair. Exactly what I have! It's a very rich shampoo that uses a blend of hydrating ingredients such as Coconut Water, Shea Butter and Seed Oil. That lathers well and leaves my hair feeling clean yet nourished. A great start to my haircare routine.

Maui Moisture Revive and Hydrate Shea Butter Conditioner* | £8.99

From the same line I have the conditioner. And I'm so impressed with this! It's so thick and instantly feels nourishing and hydrating on the hair. It can also be left on for a few extra minutes for intense treatment. This has definitely helped the dryness of my hair and tamed my frizz! For an affordable conditioner this is one to check out.

Maui Moisture Shea Butter Hair Mask* | £8.99

This is the star of the show! This is a super intense hair mask that uses a potent blend of hydrating ingredients to deeply penetrate the hair. The results after one use were really quite spectacular. My hair was so much more manageable. It was easier to brush and style. My frizz was significantly reduced and my hair was so soft and shiny! This easily rivals some high-end brands. A small amount can also be used as a leave in conditioner. But do this with caution, the first time I tried this I applied too much and it weighed my hair down. But using a tiny 5p sized drop my hair looked so shiny and nourished.

Maui Moisture Curl Quench Creme | £8.99

Everybody knows hydrated curls are happy curls so this Curl Quench Creme is definitely something I was after. It's essentially a leave in conditioner packed with hydrating ingredients to leave curls soft, shiny and hydrated but not weighed down. I like to take a small amount and run through the ends of damp hair. And this really does everything it claims! My hair is soft after using this too.

Maui Moisture and Nourish Hair Oil | £8.99

After realising how hydrating everything from this brand is, I knew I had to try the oil. If you have dry. damaged or frizzy hair I really can't recommend this oil enough. It's in a spray bottle which is super easy to use too! The oil itself is very light weight and doesn't weigh my hair down at all. When used on wet hair it makes it so easier to manage and leaves it so smooth and hydrated. When used on dry hair it tames frizz and fly aways, leaving it with a radiant shine! This is definitely one of my favourites from the collection!

Overall, I'm really impressed with everything I've tried so far. Given the brands price point these perform amazingly! It's definitely a brand everyone should know about.

Maui Moisture is available from and in Boots stores.

Have you tried Maui Moisture? What are your thoughts?

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