The Insta-famous Oil - Frasali Rose Gold Elixir

If you have watched any sort of makeup tutorial on any platform you probably would have seen a Frasali Beauty Exilir used at some point! This Insta-Famous Oil was formulated by Farah the queen of DIY beauty hacks and her husband. I have the Rose Gold Exilir. This is a multi tasking oil designed to bridge the gap between skincare and makeup. Was this a gap that needing bridging? - I didn't think so. But since I'd fallen in the love with the MAC Essential Oils primer I was desperate to try this, especially after seeing how flawless people's skin looked after using this!

The oil itself only contains 6 ingredients. Yes 6! Orange Peel, Lemon Grass, Vitamin E, 24k Gold and Rosehip oil. The potent blend of ingredients can be used in a number of ways - as a moisturiser, a primer, mixed in with base products, to soften cream products and even as a highlighter! Using it as a primer is what intrigued me most. And I have to say this does make a very good primer. It's quite a thick oil and you only need 2 drops maybe 3 if you're super dry. Especially if you're applying this before makeup because too much and it does feel heavy on the skin. This did leave my skin with a silky smooth base and my makeup did look so fresh and glowing on. It smoothed over all my dry areas and hydrated my skin all day. It has flakes of Gold in it that melts into the skin and leaves it with a gorgeous dewy finish.

Mixed in with foundation is another great way of achieving a glowing finish if you don't want to add too much hydration to the skin, this would probably work better for people with oily skins. I like to drop a few drops onto my damp beauty blender and then blending my foundation in and wowed every time. I think this is my favourite way of using it. It literally makes makeup melt into the skin and leaves it with a lovely, flawless, dewy finish. If I'm at home and my makeup starts looking a bit drab then I also apply to my Beauty Blender and dab over my face and makeup instantly looks refreshed.

Used as a moisturiser it works pretty well too! It is hydrating enough but I just prefer this used with makeup rather than skincare. But the Rosehip Oil and Vitamin E make it ideal if that's what you're looking for.

As a highlighter this does work ok. I just don't love it. It just gives a wet, borderline sweaty look to the skin without any colour, which some people might like but for me I just prefer regular highlighters.

Overall, I'm really happy with oil. It is pricey. I mean £50 for an oil is a lot but this does have a multitude of benefits and works in many ways. In theory this could replace your primer and moisturiser so it could be seen as good value for money. I still really want to try the Frasali Unicorn Elixir and after trying this I don't think it will be long before I do.

Farsali Rose Gold Elixir* (£50) is available from Cult Beauty.

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts?

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