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Organic and natural skincare is taking the beauty world by storm at the moment. More and more natural brands are creeping onto market. I think as consumers we're beginning to look a lot deeper at what goes into our skincare, what works, and what doesn't. We're starting to become more concerned with the effects of chemicals and harmful ingredients that may be in our skincare. And I think this definitely reflects in what is sold in beauty aisles. I've been testing quite a few organic and more natural skincare products to see if the results are comparable to their not so green counter parts.

Farmacy Honey Savour Set | £42

Farmacy is a brand that's causing a bit of a storm in the blogging community. And I was desperate to try some goodies. The brand is involved right from planting the ingredients that go into to their skin care. I picked up this little set. Which includes:

Honey Saviour

This is a mini intense balm. Designed to hydrate the driest skins. It's a multi tasker that can be used anywhere on the body. The consistency kind of reminds of me of Vaseline and melts into almost an oil when massaged onto the skin. It is super hydrating and leaves dry areas so soft. I do find this a little too rich to be used on the face but on the body it's great.

Sleep Tight

I've already spoken about this because I love it! It's an over night treatment that works wonders on my dehydrated skin. It is so hydrating and instantly leaves my skin soft. Overnight it plumps my skin and really helps any dry patches. I'm obessed with it.

Skin Dew

This is one of the reasons I brought this set because I wanted to try this. This face mist is packed with natural vitamins to give skin an instant boost. It works as a toner, setting spray and refreshing mist. I really like this, it works well as a toner and refreshing mist. I do like it as a setting spray but I just have other ones I prefer. It is very hydrating for a face mist. I do really like it, I'm not convinced I'd pay full price for this though.

Sukin Sensitive Facial Moisturiser | £7.49

I've always been a little apprehensive of natural skincare but this is the brand that completely changed my mind. Sukin is an Australian brand that offers natural, sustainable skincare at affordable prices. This moisturiser uses Shea butter and natural hydrating ingredients to deeply nourish the skin. Which this really does. It's quite a rich cream that absorbs quickly leaving my skin so soft. It keeps it hydrated all day too.

Sukin Super Green Facial Recovery Serum | £13.95

This has to be one of my favourite skincare discoveries of this year, I know, a bold statement! But given it's price point, and the way it performs, this really is amazing. It's a light weight watery consistency that contains a whole range of brilliant ingredients, including Lactic Acid to nourish, renew and hydrate the skin. I've been using this AM and PM and my skin is so hydrated and I see the brightening effects of the Lactic acid.

Antipodes Aura Mask | £19.99

I had no idea Antipodes were organic until I started reaching this post, which is amazing because the results are amazing. This mask in particular is one of my favourite masks I reach for when I don't have a particular skin issue I want to address, But it also works great on breakouts. It contains Manuka Honey that is a great antiseptic but it's super hydrating at the same time. I leave this on for 20 mins and it leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth. I really can't recommend this enough.

Garnier SkinActive  Honey Moisturiser* | £5.99

Now this isn't 100% natural or organic but I want to give it a mention because it's so affordable! And contains 96% natural ingredients, Honey being one of them. This is a really nice, affordable moisturiser. It leaves my skin soft and hydrated.

The Ordinary 100% Cold Pressed Rose Hip Oil | £9

Now I don't think The Ordinary is an organic brand but they have a few products that are. This Rose Hip Oil included. Rose Hip Oil is a great ingredient that has been known to help reduce and fade marks whilst being super hydrating. And this is very hydrating! The oil itself feels so nice on my dehydrated skin, leaving it feeling soothed. I'm not sure if this has actually faded any marks but I still really like this. And for the price this is worth checking out.

Pure Purpose Anti ageing oil* | £16.50

Pure Purpose is a recent brand discovery, that specialises in natural ingredients. This oil in particular contains a natural blend of antioxidents and oils to protect, nourish and hydrate the skin. The oil itself is quite thick but absorbs quickly leaving my skin so soft! It can be used in the morning and evening but I found it works better in the evening. This has definitely helped my dehydrated skin. Plus it smells amazing!

I'm really impressed with the natural(ish) skincare I've tried. Most of the products do have real results, without the harmful chemicals that may be in some other skincare. I'm not going to lie, I will still continue to use non natural skincare because it gives me the results I want and I'm not too fussed if it's natural or not.

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts on green skincare?

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