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Eye lash perming and extensions are not a new thing but recently these types of treatments have made an explosion and everyone is getting them done. For busy people it just makes sense, you don't have to faff around with eye lash curlers and expensive mascaras to get that long fluttery lash look.
Back in August I was invited down to the Lash Perfect Salon to get my eye lashes permed.
Lash Perfect are the UKs leading eyelash experts with years of expertise under their belt. The dreamy Lash Perfect salon is situated in the heart of the West End, which is pretty accessible if you live in London. They offer a range of lash treatments from perming to extensions, and they even offer brow treatments.

I only had my lashes permed though and I was very impressed with the results! The lashes are lifted right from the very root, unlike traditional lifting methods which start from the centre. So the lashes really get the most from it.

I've heard people say the treatment is quite relaxing but I wouldn't go that far, maybe if your used to having it done you would but for a newbie like myself it wasn't. But the treatment itself wasn't bad or painful, it was just strange, I've never had anyone play with my eyelashes before so I think that's why! But the staff were really friendly and made me feel at ease. The whole process lasted around 30 minutes. And afterwards my lashes were transformed! I'm actually very fortune to have long lashes anyway but after the perm they were so long and lifted! I could have probably gotten away with not wearing mascara.

With mascara they looked incredible, so long! Even the crapiest mascara I owned worked well on my lashes. The treatment should last 6-8 weeks which I think is correct, my lashes are now back to normal and I'm sad about it.
Overall, I really can't recommend the treatment enough. I imagine this would work amazingly on all types of lashes, even the shortest, most stubborn ones. You can check out the salon here. Or call them on 0208 500 9028  for more info.

Lash Perfect even have a range of products that work perfectly with permed or lash extensions:

Lash Perfect Lift of Eye Makeup Remover* | £13

This is specially formulated to lift away eye makeup whilst leaving your lash extension in tact. I don't have lash extensions so I can't comment on that. But it works really well at removing makeup. It has a light water consistency that breaks the makeup down quickly and easily, without any irritation.

Lash Perfect Ultra Fine Black Eye liner* | £8.50

The Liquid liner that has a super fine tip and it is so easy to work with, long lasting and the pigmentation is amazing.

Hi Brow Growth & Conditioning Serum |

I can't find this to link but it's available in store. Growth serums are not something I'm familiar with so I was excited to try this. It contains Keratin and Caffeine to stimulate growth on both the lashes and brows. It has an easy to use mascara wand that applies the product perfectly. I didn't really notice this helping my lashes or brows grow quicker, but I have long lashes and quite thick brows anyway but this definitely helped condition them, they felt so soft after using this. It can also be used as a clear mascara or brow gel.

Hi Brow Brow Kit* | £29.95

This little kit contains brow stencils and two brow pencils. I'm not too fussed about the stencils. But the powders are so good. I have the shade Medium Brown which is the perfect shade for me. It's not too warm nor too cool. It applies really well and leaves me with natural, full but defined looking brows. It also includes a highlighter. Which is a Pink toned shimmer colour. The formula is actually really nice, it's really soft and not glittery at all.

I really can't recommend Lash Perfect or their products enough.

Don't forget to check them out here.

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