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Love Me Beauty* is my favourite subscription that allows you to pick your products each month. I've spoken in depth about the concept loads of times, so see this post for more details. But it's my favourite subscription service and this month they have an exciting product list...

The PMD Kiss system. Which is basically a lip plumping device that uses a gentle suction technique to firm and plump the lips. To be honest lip fillers are something I've never considered, I'm quite happy with my lips and the shape but curiosity got the better of me. And I wouldn't mind lips like Kylie Jenner! So I've been testing this little tool and I'm quite impressed. But this device doesn't only claim to plump the lips it helps stop the ageing process and restore them to their natural colour.

The tip has a perfect little opening that fits perfect around sections of the lips. The instructions say to use the device on sections of the lips for 10 pulses on each section. You hear and feel the pulses. It works by using a gentle suction on the lips. At first I found it a little uncomfortable, not painful just odd. I followed the directions to a T and honestly they didn't look that different. Although they felt plumper! I then used it for 20 suctions in each section and the results were more visible. The lines on the lips also look smoother and they felt softer. The results lasted for a good few hours!

It also has two settings. The first setting has quicker pulses which is designed for quick results and the second setting the suction action is slower and longer for a more dramatic result. But to be honest I didn't see much of a difference between the results. The PMD Kiss also comes with a smart Lip plumping serum. Which I really like. It feels very nourishing and leaves my lips hydrated. It does slightly tingle, but only very slightly and it's not uncomfortable at all.

Plus you can shop it at love me beauty for just 60 credits which works out too just £10. This retails for over £100! So it's amazing value for money and a great way to try the device.

Overall, I'm actually pleasantly surprised by this! If you want a quick, temporary lip plumping result this is great. Other brands this month from Love Me Beauty include: Caudalie, Kat Von D and many more.

You can also get 20% off your first Love Me Beauty Bag with the code: lpbeautyblog20.

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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