A couple of weeks ago I was invited down to London for the Sleek #MyFaceMyRule Launch party, which was so much fun. The campaign is all about tackling makeup shaming and breaking the norms & stereo types surrounding makeup. I'm sure all us at some point have experienced some kind of makeup shaming. Just see this video here.

In this digital era we live in, makeup shaming and body shaming has never been more apparent. I only have to scroll through my Instagram feed to see someone being called too fat or too thin. For this campaign Sleek have also teamed up with Ditch the Label, a leading international anti bullying charity. Who have delivered some pretty shocking and quite scary facts. Including 1 in 10 people think the more makeup a women wears the more sexual partners she has had. Like, really, people still think like that. And 1 in 4 people think it's weird for a man to wear makeup.

There also seems to be an issue with how much makeup people wear. That there's some sort of issue with women wearing anything more than natural makeup and if they do then they're ugly or have low self esteem. I think makeup wearing is such a personal choice. I, for example, throughly enjoy applying makeup because it's the one hour of the day I get to focus on myself and nothing else. It's a passion and a hobby! We don't shun artists for the amount of paint they use on canvas and the way they express themselves through art and I think the majority of the time that's what makeup is to most people - a form of expression. And if people are using it as a way to boost their confidence then why the hell shouldn't they! Everybody has the right to feel good about themselves and empowered.

Alongside this campaign they have also launched a brand new foundation. The Life Proof Foundation* which comes in a whopping 24 shades! I think that's more than L'oreals True match which holds the crown for the biggest shade range in a drugstore foundation. It also claims to blur pores and fine lines.

The packaging of the foundation is in keeping with Sleeks elegant Black packaging, which has a nozzle like end. Which I really like, it makes it easy to control how much foundation you get out and is hygienic at the same time. With it being called Life Proof and having medium to full coverage I was expecting this to be a lot thicker than it actually is. The consistency is quite fluid and really blend-able! I agree with the medium coverage claim, it covers most imperfections on my face. Without having a heavy or caky finish. It actually sits really nicely on my dry skin and didn't cling to any problem areas. The finish I'd say is satin, but it's easy to matte down or make more dewy depending on how you like your foundation finish.

In terms of wear time this is so long wearing! It basically still looked flawless at the end of the day, without any touch ups. Despite this being oil free I didn't find it drying on my skin either. In terms of blurring this did leave my skin looking perfected and flawless.

I have two shades LP02 and LP05. LP02 is far too pale for me. So I brought LP05 which is a far better match and the undertone is slightly warmer. It's still a tad too light but I can make it work.

Overall, I really like the foundation. In terms of shade range, price and performability it's amazing! I really can't recommend it enough. Plus I think it's amazing what Sleek and Ditch The Label are doing.

You can check out the full campaign video here. 

The Sleek LifeProof Foundation is available here (£8.99)

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts?

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