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Affordable makeup brushes have come such a long way over recent years! I remember back in the day the only affordable ones available were flat foundations and scratchy blush brushes. And you wouldn't dream of washing it because all the hairs would fall out! Fast forward a few years and this is no longer the case, there are affordable brushes everywhere! It can actually make the whole process a little bit daunting! But I have an affordable brush set that is definitely worth checking out.

Loella are a relatively new brand that offer cruelty free and vegan friendly brushes. Just look how stunning these brushes are? They definitely bring the fun back to makeup! I have the Girl On Fire brush set which includes:

L01 / Buffed Up Briony

The name of this brush did make me laugh! The brush itself is a flat top buffing brush that can be used with liquid or powder foundations. It's quite dense so I don't love it for powder products. But for liquid it's perfect! It works well with sheer or full coverage foundations, leaving me with a flawless, streak free finish.

L02 / Need To Conceal Chloe

This is a densely packed flat brush that is ideal for pin point concealing. It makes light work of packing on the concealer and leaving a natural finish.

LO3 / Powder Women Penelope

The powder brush is a large fluffy brush that applies powder beautifully! It's just the right size for bronzer and powder all over the whole face. It picks up the product well too.

LO4 / Flawless Foundation Felicia

The LO4 is a flat foundation brush. Which to be honest, I don't really use these types of brushes anymore. But it's so soft, if you like these kind of brushes, this is a good one to check out.

LO5 / Contour Diva Caty

This is quite a small angled brush that is designed for contouring. I really like angled brushes for contouring, it makes it really easy to get precisely into the hollows of the cheeks to create a precise but blended contour look! This can also be used with cream contour products.

LO6 / Eye Candy Emily

Next we have an eye brush. This has quite long fluffy hairs but in a sort of flat shape. I really like these brushes for deepening up the crease and applying eyeshadow more precisely. But it can also be used to apply shadow all over the lid.

LO7 / Blend me Beautifully Betty

This brush is ideal for  eyeshadow crease colours and blending out the overall look. It's super fluffy and does the job perfectly! It picks up the eyeshadow well and really blends it seamlessly, without being scratchy.

LO8 / Divine Line Danielle

Here we have a liner brush and I don't actually own one like this. Most are angled but this just has a tiny fine tip. It makes creating the perfect wing super easy! And because it is so fine it's really easy to control how thick or thin the liner is.

LO9 / Fab Brow Brooke

I actually thought this was a liner brush and thought it would make an excellent brow brush before I released it was! The brush itself is ever so slightly larger than your average angled brush but it's still precise and easy to work with. It works really well with brow pomades and applies the product perfectly.

LO10 / Luscious Lips Lilly

Last in the set is a lip brush. I love lip brushes for applying liquid lipstick, I find some doe foot applicators are too big, making it hard to get a crisp line around lips. So this super small lip brush is perfect!

All these brushes are so soft! They wash really well and hold shape too.

Overall, I'm in love with these brushes and some have become everyday essentials! Plus I love the fun designs and fun names. They're definitely worth checking out!

The Loella Girl On Fire Brush set is available here (£49.50).

Have you tried any of these brushes? What are your thoughts?

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