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I think Photography props make such a huge difference when it comes to how the photo turns out. Props just add an extra dimension and some props make products look so much better! I've also been using them to add a bit of personality and uniqueness to my photos. I'm not sure if this actually works but I feel like they're more me! Anyways recently I've brought a few props so I thought I'd share them with you guys...

Everything in bold and Italic is linked.

Capture Your Style book | £8.99

I did buy this purely for photos but it's actually a really helpful book! It's written by Aimee Song, an amazing blogger with a killer Instagram account. She talks about how to take photos and become a pro at Instagram! In terms of using it as a photo prop I really like this too! I think books and writing are perfect for adding 'busyness' to a photo.

Artificial leaf | £8.13

I been loving adding Greenery to my photo. It's the perfect way of adding colour without adding too much! This was so cheap too and is pretty good quality.

Black Marble Mouse Mat | £7.99

I've found that White backgrounds can make White products hard to standout so I wanted something that White products would look good on. So while I was trolling through Ebay I found this Marble print mouse mat and I love it.

Mirrored Tray | £7.99

I ordered this after I saw Fiona (makeup savvy) feature it and I've been looking for one for ages! Most I've seen are quite expensive but this one was £7.99 so I ordered it straight away. The quality is very good, it feels very well made. It's so pretty too. The size is perfect for photos, it's not too big nor too small!

Gold Lash Curlers | £1

I picked these from Primark. I'm pretty sure most bloggers have these but they're the perfect photo filler.

Fur Background | £5.30

This is the best money I've ever spent in terms of my blog! I'm so happy with how this looks in my photos! I recently brought a new one because I do find it gets makeup on it easy though.

That's all my blog props I've brought recently.

What are your favourite blog props?

Until next time...

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