Setting Sprays & Face Mists Part 2 | Mid price

I'm back with the second instalment of my setting spray / face mist series. Today we're talking about mid priced sprays, basically anything between £10 - £20. Anything over £20 will be in part 3, high-end. You can read part 1, the affordable ones here. So let's get into it.

MAC Fix+ | £18

This is a cult classic when it comes to face mists. So many swear by this and for good reason. It's an incredible face mist. I definitely think this is a face mist rather than a setting spray because I don't find this pro longs my makeup wear time but it just makes my makeup look so much better. It's almost like it blends everything a little bit more. It makes powders become one with the skin, leaving the makeup on the skin flawless. The mist action on this is also really nice. It's not the finest mist I've come across but it doesn't shoot water at your face.

Cover FX Illuminating Setting Spray | £22 (full size)

I brought this on a bit of a whim and I'm so glad I did. It's one of my favourite setting sprays. And this is definitely a setting spray over anything else. It does set my makeup down and leaves it with a nice illuminated finish. The mist action on this is the best out of the mists I own. It's so fine, you hardly feel it hitting the face. It's amazing, definitely one to check out.

PIXI Milky Mist | £18

Pixi have an extensive line of face mists aimed at different skin needs. The milky option is packed with hydrating ingredients to plump and add moisture to the skin. It can be used as skincare or a setting spray and a refreshing mist. It works well in all ways. But I love this as part of my skincare routine. Straight after cleansing I apply a few sprays like a toner and it makes a nice base with the skincare to go over. As a prep spray it adds that little extra moisture my dehydrated skin needs before primer. I love to keep this in my handbag as well for when my skin feels dry or my makeup starts to look caky. The mist action is also really nice. Another firm favourite.

Pixi Glow Mist | £16

Another Pixi mist I love is the Glow option. This is like a dual phase formula that contains oil so you have to shake it well before using it. Like the Milky Mist it can be used in a number of ways. I like this as a finishing mist though. It perfects everything and makes powders look super blended on the skin. It gives my base a super dewy finish which I love! In terms of extending wear time, I don't think this does a lot but as a setting spray and refreshing mist this is fab.

Pixi Fixing Mist* | £16

Lastly from the Pixi Mist line I have the Fixing Mist, which is designed to set makeup and hold it in place all day. And this really does! I think dewy foundations don't wear for that long before they start breaking down and this little gem really helps keep it on for a bit longer. My issue with this is I don't love the scent. It kind of reminds me of old ladies, but that aside this is an excellent makeup extender.

Urban Decay All Nighter* | £23 (full size)

The All Nighter is a long standing favourite, I think it is one of the first setting sprays about. This is definitely a makeup setting spray rather than a skincare product. The mist is really nice and fine and leaves my makeup looking a little more perfected. In terms of makeup wear time I don't actually think this extends it but it keeps my makeup looking fresher for longer. You know around lunch time when makeup starts to look caky or a bit oily this helps prevent that! It's also refreshing when skin needs a little pick me up. It's an oldie but a goodie.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir | £12

This seems to have eluded the photo but I wanted to mention it anyway. This Beauty Elixir is made with natural ingrediants and claims to tighten pores and refresh the skin so I think it's more of a skincare mist than a makeup one. This does feel refreshing on the skin and the mist action is good. But I don't love the scent and I find this really drying on my skin. If I do use it over makeup it instantly makes my skin feel dry and tight. I think this is probably one for those with oily skin.

As I said keep an eye out for part 3.

Have you tried any of these? Are you a setting spray junkie like me?

Until next time...

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