Best In Beauty | October

How is it November already? I say this every month but October has whizzed by! And it means it's time for another Best in Beauty round up...

My Ultimate Recommendations to Try from ColourPop

ColourPop for sure is one my favourite affordable brands! I've tried a lot from them so I wanted to share my ultimate favourites! ColourPop do ship to the UK, however the shipping can be quite expensive but they normally have free international shipping on orders over $50 so I normally order then. I do get customs charges on an order this big though, which is normally around £15-£20. In my opinion ColourPop is totally worth it though. Anyway here's my picks..

Affordable Skincare Basics for Fresh Glowing Skin

In a bid for fresh glowing skin my skincare routine can be pretty lengthy. Some evenings I find myself using like 5 oils that all pretty much do the same thing. But when I actually sat down and thought about the products that really work, that I repurchase I found that my routine is pretty simple and quite affordable. So I thought I'd share them with you. For reference I have dehydrated skin.

Noteworthy Newness from Complexions

This post was sponsored by Complexions. However, all opinions are my own.

Miss G Couture the online fashion brand, home of the Bandage Dress and power house of fashion for girls that don't do casual have brought out a collection of makeup! From a killer highlighter to a flawless contour they have everything you need. I've been testing a few of the staple pieces...

Coverage Without the Cake

Finding high coverage foundations and formulas can be quite the task! I find this even more so as I have dehydrated skin. Vichy, the French pharmacy skincare brand are well known for their amazing skincare and makeup. I've been testing some products from their Dermablend range which offers high coverage formulas and a natural finish.

Autumn Eyes, Lips and Cheeks

Autumn is well and truely upon us! And I'm not sad to say good bye to summer. I just love everything about Autumn. The makeup especially. So today I'm here to share my Autumn eye, lip and cheek picks..

Treat Yourself (or a loved one) with Benefit This Christmas

Christmas comes around quicker and quicker every year! I'm not complaining though, I love Christmas! Today I have a couple of gift ideas for the beauty lovers in your life or yourself. Whether you are a last minute shopper or have already started, Benefit have some great gift sets that any beauty lover would love...

Blemish Fighting Skincare

I'm sure I'm not the only one but I take every precaution to prevent breakouts and blemishes. But sometimes no matter what I do I will just breakout for no apparent reason! 9 times out 10 it's because I've had a reaction to some skincare I'm testing or because I've been too over active with acid treatments. I personally find spot treatments and skincare targeted at blemishes far too harsh for my skin type, Which is dehydrated. Especially more affordable, drugstore options, sometimes it can feel like I'm putting nail polish remover on my face! Which isn't great. But on my 'perfect skin' mission I've found some amazing products that really help blemishes and spots without being too harsh.

Lee Stafford Haircare Guide

Judging from this photo I think it's safe to say I'm a fan of Lee Stafford haircare! It's actually been a favourite of mine for long time, way before the days of blogging! The brand pretty much cover every type, condition and problem. And the products genuinely work! Most of them are very reasonably priced too. So I thought I'd share my thoughts on the products.

Makeup Lately

These posts don't really need an introduction, it's just the Makeup I've been reaching for lately. Remember to check out the review links for full reviews / swatches.

Love Me Beauty | October

Regular readers will know how I feel about the  Love Me Beauty* Subscription, I love it! Each month for £10 you get 60 credits to spend, if there's more stuff you want you can even buy more credits. The massive selling point for me is that you get to pick what you want rather than having products that aren't suitable!

New In From Deciem

Deciem, the umbrella brand of Niod, The Ordinary and Hylamide, plus many more, really is the brand everyone is talking about at the moment. With effective, science driven formulas that really deliver results, it's no wonder everyone is going crazy from them. I've been testing a few of their latest releases and I'm ready to report back.

High-end Setting Sprays & Face Mists

This is the final instalment in my setting spray and face mists, the high-end ones. You can read part One here and Two here. My high-end mist collection is relatively small in comparison to others but let's get into it.

How I make the Fenty Beauty Foundation Work

The world probably doesn't need another Fenty `Pro Filter Soft Matte Longwear Foundation review but I want to throw my 2 scents in because I actually found this quite difficult to work with. I have dehydrated skin so 9 times out of 10 anything with matte in title doesn't work for me.

High-end Discoveries

I've actually been trying to be better with my money and not spend so much on makeup so I thought I was going to struggle with this post this month but I surprisingly have a lot to talk about. So let's get into it.

B Perfect 10 Second Tan

I'm a fake tan junkie. I can't remember the last time I didn't tan. So I've tried a few in my time. And finding a good fake tan is actually really hard! When the B Perfect 10 Second Tan* landed on my desk, with it's bold claims I was excited.

4 K-Beauty Products That Have Made It Into My Skincare Routine

I've been well on board the K-Beauty train recently. I have 4 products that are easy to get in the UK (Check out the links) that I've been loving and that have become part of my everyday skincare routine.

ColourPop Pressed Palettes | Review and Comparison

It's no secret I'm a huge fan of ColourPop. Their pressed shadow formula is amazing, so good for the price. So when they started releasing Fixed Pressed Shadow palettes needless to say I was excited! I have all 3 that they've launched so far. So I thought it was about time I reviewed them.

Multi Tasking Beauty Products that Actually Work

Who doesn't love a multi tasking product, you tackle more than one issue with one product. But to be honest I tend to find most products promise to do more than one thing don't actually and just turns out to be a bit of meh product. But recently I've discovered a few multi-tasking products that actually do more than one job really well.

Affordable Discoveries

This post is usually Drugstore Discoveries but throughout August I've discovered quite a few affordable brands that aren't available in the drugstore but I want to include them! This month was quite exciting for discoveries, I've tried some amazing brands. So let's get into it.

Best in Beauty | September

I can't believe how quickly this year is going! The end of September means it's time for another Best in Beauty. So let's jump straight in.

Affordable Skincare That Works #2

Affordable skincare can be so hit and miss, well high-end skincare can be too but I find this more so when skincare is really cheap. But recently I have found some affordable gems that work equally well, if not better than some high-end products in my stash. I did do a similar post a while ago, you can read that here. For reference I have dehydrated skin that is prone to breakouts.