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This post is usually Drugstore Discoveries but throughout August I've discovered quite a few affordable brands that aren't available in the drugstore but I want to include them! This month was quite exciting for discoveries, I've tried some amazing brands. So let's get into it.

Girls With Attitude 6 Piece Blending Set* | £19.99

This eye blending set is an absolute steal, I can't believe how cheap this set is. But the quality is not compromised. All the brushes are really soft and work amazingly. This set includes:

Fluffy Blending Brush - this works well at applying crease colours. It blends shadows out perfectly and picks the eyeshadow up well, without being scratchy at all.

Fluff Shading Brush - this works well at packing on eyeshadow and blending it out at them same time! I like it to apply shadow to the outer 3rds of the eye.

Pointed Crease Brush - is one of my favourite brushes in the set. It has a small pointed tip that applies shadow exactly wear you want it. I love this for applying shadow under the eyes.

Pointed Shading Brush - this is similar to the Fluffy Shading Brush but it's slightly more dense and packs on colour a bit more.

Buffing Brush - is similar to the Fluffy Blending Brush but it's not as fluffy. It still blends really well though. I like to use it to apply shadow in the crease to deepen up the initial transition shade.

Overall, I'm really impressed with set, it has all my eye blending needs covered!

Girls With Attitude Goddess Palette* | £14.99

The packaging on this palette is so beautiful! Inside are 18 beautiful shadows with a good mix of mattes and shimmers. It has a range of natural and warm tones and shades for a smokey eye look. It has everything you could need in a palette. The shades are really soft, pigmented and last well on the eyes. The shades are:

Soft Gold - which is a pale, shimmery Gold shade. It works well all over the lid. Or it would make a good highlighter on darker skin tones. It so pigmented and soft too.

Vanilla - this is an off White shade that has a really cold, icy shift to it. It makes a really nice highlight shade.

Sheer Pink - a soft, shimmery, pale Pink with Gold shimmers in it. On me this works as a highlight shade. On paler people this would great all over the lid. Again, it's so soft and pigmented.

Champagne - Is a classic Champagne colour. If I really pack this on it works all over the lid but it makes a lovely highlight on me.

Rose Gold - this is a really pigmented shimmery Rose colour. I'd say it's too Pink to be a Rose Gold colour but it's still a beautiful shade.

Crystal - Is a shimmery Pink colour, similar to Rose Gold only paler and slightly cooler.

Peach Bellini - is a light to mid toned, matte, warm Brown. My favourite kind of crease shade. It's super soft and blends out really well.

New Rose - is a dusky, muted Plumb shade. It works well in the crease and outer v. This doesn't swatch that well but it performs really well on the eyes.

Spice - is a warm toned, shimmery Orange colour, with a Gold shift. I love this all over the lid. It's so creamy and pigmented.

Moon Light - This is a warm Gold, shimmery shade, that works amazingly all over the lid.

Copper - true to it's name, this a shimmery Copper colour. Again, another great lid shade.

Cocoa - Is a mid toned, natural Brown. It looks matte on the eyes and to swatch but in the pan it has fine glitter in it. Because the glitter doesn't translate I like to use this as a crease colour.

Latte -  is a really nice Gold, Copper shade with Rose under tones.

Truffle - is a dark Copper, shimmer.

Topaz - is a shimmery, dark Silver.

Sable - is shimmery, kind of Black Brown shade.

Exposed - This looks like a shimmery Black in the pan but on the lids it has more of a satin finish.

Like the brushes I can't believe how affordable this is, given the quality. The shades, especially the shimmers are so pigmented and really creamy.

Girls With Attitude Highlighter Palette* | £11.99

I love a highlighter so I was super excited to try this. And I wasn't disappointed. Inside the stunning packaging are 3 highlighters. The pans are actually quite large and the shades are stunning. They don't have shade names but one shade is a classic Champagne colour, it reminds me a lot of Pixis Santorini Sunset in shade and formulation. A Rosey, Purpley kind of shade, that works really well on darker skin tones. And finally a Bronzey Gold shade. I'm really impressed by how soft and pigmented these are. They don't contain any glitter or aren't chunky at all!

Bioderma Hydobio Micella Water* | £10.50

I've tried a few affordable Micella waters and while they do a good job I've never really been fussed about them. Until now! This offering from Bioderma is a cult classic and loved by many. I have the hydrating version which is better suited to dryer skins. This does such a good job at removing makeup, including eye makeup! It doesn't irritate my eyes at all. I didn't find this drying either! I can't believe it's taken me so long to try this.

Bioderma Hydrobio Mask* | £15

I have dehydrated skin so I love a good hydrating mask and this has quickly become one of my favourites. It's a really thick, nourishing mask, that is to be left on for 10 minutes. It feels instantly hydrating and after removing my skin feels incredible soft! I've been using this every other day for around a month and my skin looks so much more plump. It's not too heavy it causes me to break out either. If you have dry or dehydrated skin I can't recommend this enough!

Bioderma Hydrobio Creme* | £15

Alongside the mask I've been using this moisturiser and I can't get enough of this. It is quite a rich cream aimed at dry / dehydrated skins, but it still absorbs quickly and it doesn't feel heavy or masking on the skin. It is so hydrating, it's like a drink for my face. I've been using this AM/PM and it leaves my skin so soft and hydrated. It works well under makeup to, leaving my face smooth and without any dry patches. Another one to check out!

MeMeMe Liquid Lipsticks* | £9.95

MeMeMe have recently launched some new liquid lipsticks. There are currently 5 shades available, I have 3, Suede, Vintage Rose and Temptation. Suede is a creamy, pale Brown toned nude, perfect for everyday wear. Vintage Rose is light Pink, this isn't a shade I find myself reaching for a lot but if you like these kind of shades they are definitely ones to check out. And finally Temptation which is a really nice, mid toned Red. The formula of all these are really nice. They're not drying and super long lasting.

MeMeMe Liquid Liner* | £8.95

Another item I've been testing is this liquid liner. It's in a pen style with a super fine tip, which makes lining the lash and creating a wing so easy! I have the shade Black which is really pigmented and lasts all day on me too. If you're in the market for an affordable liner this is definitely one to check out.

Formula 10.0.6 So Totally Clean* | £8.99

This is a deep pore clarifying toner, which I typically wouldn't go for. But I'm actually surprised by this. It removes every last scrap of makeup and leaves my skin feeling incredibly clean! I tend to use this once a day, in the evening mostly or I do find it a bit too drying for my dehydrated skin. But I really love the clean sensation this gives. I think if you have oily skin, you would really love this. My best friend who has super oily skin swears by this brand.

Formula Be Berry Bright Exfoliating Mud Mask* | £6.99

Anything that promises to brighten my skin I'm all ears. And this option is great. It uses Goji berries, and Green Coffee beans to exfoliate the skin and draw out impurities. I leave this on for 10-15 minutes and my dull skin is transformed. It looks a lot brighter and feels so smooth. I do find this is a little drying but nothing a good moisturiser doesn't sort out. It smells amazing too.

B. Hydrating Face Mist | £7.99 (Currently on offer for £3.95 here)

I've wanted this for the longest time, I've heard so many good things about it and I finally got round to buying it. It contains Hyluronic acid alongside other hydrating ingredients in a handy mist form. It works well as a hydrating toner and over makeup to give the skin a quick pick me up. The mist action is surprisingly good, for a spray of this type! It's not the best I've come across but definitely not the worst. Overall I really like this.

B. Sparkling Water Cleanser | £6.99

B. was on buy one get one free when I picked up the face mist so I picked up this just because nothing else stood out to me. But I actually really like this. It contains sparkling water, which is popular in Korean Skincare because it is believed to give the pores a deeper clean. It has a gel like consistency that feels really cooling and refreshing on the skin. This does leave my skin feeling super clean but not stripped at all. My only issue is this does sting my eyes if I get it too close. But that aside I really like this.

Well done if you made it to the end!

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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