B Perfect 10 Second Tan

I'm a fake tan junkie. I can't remember the last time I didn't tan. So I've tried a few in my time. And finding a good fake tan is actually really hard! When the B Perfect 10 Second Tan* landed on my desk, with it's bold claims I was excited.

First of all the packaging is nice, I like the black bottle, it prevents the packaging from showing any fake tan stains! It has a spray nozzle with works really well. To be honest the packing is nothing spectacular or revolutionary but its practical and functional.

It promises to have an instant colour which it does. It is very subtle. I don't normally love tans with an instant colour.. I tend to find they make me look like a swap monster. But this is a really good natural tan colour, that doesn't look silly. It can be worn outside the house.

The consistency of the tan is very watery, which makes it really easy to rub in. The directions recommend to use a mitt, which I agree with. Using a mitt ensures a really even application. Using my hands the tan did apply well but it just looked more natural and seamless with a mitt. The tan does dry so quickly too. But not too quickly you have to work fast. I didn't find this clung to any dry areas either.

I have the dark version which is pretty dark. The colour this tan develops into is a really nice, Golden Brown, that isn't Orange at all! And it applied really well to my face too, without causing me to break out.  It does claim to gradually fade after 5 days. Which I found it started to fade after 3. But it's so easy to remove! I hate tans that you have to really scrub to get off before you can reapply them. But this one really removes easily.

Another plus point is this doesn't smell like fake tan either. It says it has a Watermelon scent, which I'm not sure it does. To be honest I don't think this really smells of anything!

Overall, this has quickly become my favourite tan! If you're looking for natural, easy tan that has good staying power yet easy to remove look no further!

You can buy B Perfect 10 Second Tan Here (£24.99 includes mitt).

Have you tried this? What's your favourite false tan?

Until next time...

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