Blemish Fighting Skincare

I'm sure I'm not the only one but I take every precaution to prevent breakouts and blemishes. But sometimes no matter what I do I will just breakout for no apparent reason! 9 times out 10 it's because I've had a reaction to some skincare I'm testing or because I've been too over active with acid treatments. I personally find spot treatments and skincare targeted at blemishes far too harsh for my skin type, Which is dehydrated. Especially more affordable, drugstore options, sometimes it can feel like I'm putting nail polish remover on my face! Which isn't great. But on my 'perfect skin' mission I've found some amazing products that really help blemishes and spots without being too harsh.

Odacite B1+C Serum* | £37.50

Odacite is a natural organic brand that uses the power of plants for their natural healing ability. Free from potential harmful toxins and additives. The Pimple Serum Concentrate is a purifying serum to penetrate deep into pores and uses Black Cumin to draw out impurities as well as Cajeput which can help prevent any breakouts. The serum can be mixed with moisturiser as booster like treatment or alone on bare skin. This is quite a rich oil that feels really soothing on the skin, especially if it's really irritated from a breakout! But it absorbs nicely and doesn't feel heavy or sticky on the skin. It is hydrating but not in an oily way so I think oilier skins would really like this too. I like to use 2-3 times a week as preventative measure rather than a spot treatment alone. And I really think I've had less breakouts since I've been using this! The scent is also really refreshing and awakening - it's a real pleasure to use.

Merumaya Mud Marvels Mask* | £19.50

When I feel like my skin needs a good deep cleanse I've been reaching for this offering from Mea. It's formulated with activated Charcoal and volcanic ash, which is rich in minerals to draw out any nasties buried deep in the pores! It can be left on for 10 minutes and the results are incredible. My skin instantly feels decongested and fresh. The formula even contains nutrient rich oils so it isn't' stripping or drying at all! My skin feels amazing after this! It's like a facial in a tube. If I use this when I have active breakouts it helps speed up the healing time too! Side note - you can get this free in a set (worth over £56) when you spend £25 or more on the Merumaya website here.

The Body Shop Himalayan Mud Mask | £17

This is like a one pot shop for all your skin problems! It uses purifying Charcoal and natural Tea Tree oil to help heal those pesky spots, but it not only tackles them it also gives the skin an amazing glow. The mask itself does tingle on application but this is normal and dries down. After removing the results really speak for themselves. My skin looks so much brighter and it feels so smooth! This doesn't dry my skin either. If I use this when I have active breakouts it will take the heads off them too, it sounds gross but it's such a great mask! Definitely one to check out!

They are my current go to's for blemishes!

Have you tried any of these? What's your favourite spot fighting product?

Until next time...

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