High-end Setting Sprays & Face Mists

This is the final instalment in my setting spray and face mists, the high-end ones. You can read part One here and Two here. My high-end mist collection is relatively small in comparison to others but let's get into it.

Too Face Hungover 3in1 Mist* | £27

This spray from Too Faced is very similar to their Hungover Primer (which I love) but this can be used as a primer, setting spray or a refreshing face mist. It is very hydrating. As a primer alone this actually works really well, it adds that extra bit of hydration and leaves my skin feeling soft and makeup applies really well over the top. I really like this as a setting spray too. It doesn't actually make my makeup last longer but makes powder look more natural. It works equally as well as a refreshing mist, on bare skin or over makeup! The mist action is really fine. Overall a brilliant, does it all spray.

Verso Anti Pollution Mist* | £39

I actually don't have anything like this in my collection so it's a very welcomed addition. This spray contains all the benefits of skincare in a handy mist, as well as protecting the skin from environmental damage, ageing, and just keeping the skin looking its best all day. I really like using this before and after applying makeup - you can never be too careful where anti ageing is concerned! The mist is really fine and really wide so it almost covers the whole face! In terms of skin care benefits this is really hydrating! It's like a moisturiser in a spray form. When using it before makeup it absorbs really quickly, leaving my skin smooth. After makeup it also works as a good setting spray. The spray also really picks my makeup up, towards the end of the day when it starts to look crap and leaves my skin looking more alive and awake! This is definitely one to check out especially if you're after brilliant skincare benefits in a mist.

Tarte Marine Mist | £22

This is the more affordable end of high-end and with Tarte being a well trusted name I had high hopes. This claims to be a 4in1 elixir that can be used before moisturiser, as a primer, a setting spray and a refreshing mist. The spray action is really good, very fine and covers the majority of the face. But unfortunatly, this is just drying me. As soon as I apply it my face feels tight. That being said I think this would be great for oily skins! It think it would keep oils at bay really well.

Famarcy Skin Dew | £38 (full size)

I got this little mini Farmacy mist as part of the Skin Savour Set. I've actually nearly finished this little bottle. It contains all natural ingredients all aimed at hydrating and revitalising the skin. It claims to be a skin mist and setting spray. I love this as a skincare spray. It's really refreshing, hydrating and just adds a little something special to my skincare routine. I don't love this as a setting spray though because this mist literally shoots at me, in a really shocking way! I think this might be because of the smaller packaging though, I think I'm going to buy the full size to see. Either way though, I really like this in my skincare routine and will repurchase!

So that's my little high-end mist collection!

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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