How I make the Fenty Beauty Foundation Work

The world probably doesn't need another Fenty `Pro Filter Soft Matte Longwear Foundation review but I want to throw my 2 scents in because I actually found this quite difficult to work with. I have dehydrated skin so 9 times out of 10 anything with matte in title doesn't work for me.

The first time I used this I was blown away with the formula and finish. This has a good medium to full coverage that does leave the skin looking flawless. The consistency is really light and so easy to blend. But the more I experimented with it the more I've realised that the right primer makes a huge difference with this. Without the primer this looks awful on my skin. This does dry down a shade darker and I haven't found a primer that makes a difference with that, so if you're worried go a shade lighter.

All dry / dehydrated girls will know the importance of good skin prep with any foundation and I highly recommend taking your time to do this especially with this foundation. I find a good scrub and moisturiser does the trick. But I really have found it's the primer that makes all difference with foundation. So I've compiled a list of primers that this does and doesn't work with.

Primers this does work with:

Touch in Sol No Poreblem Primer | £15 | Review

This has quickly become my go to primer no matter what my foundation! But it's my favourite primer to use with this foundation. These two paired give me a super flawless finish! The foundation doesn't cling to any dry areas nor does it dry my skin out. My base stays looking flawless all day with it too.

Rimmel Insta Fix Primer | £6,99 | REVIEW

This is one of my favourite affordable primers so I'm so pleased it works with the Fenty foundation. It's really hydrating so perfect for my skin type. It has also has a bit of coverage too. This also stops the foundation from clinging to dry patches and drying my skin out. It doesn't have the same blurring effect like the Touch in Sol one. But overall a pretty good pair.

Iconic Illuminating Drops* | £32.99 | REVIEW

Now I don't use these as a primer with the Fenty foundation but if I mix a couple of drops with the foundation it changes the finish to dewy which works a lot better with dry skin. But it does change the finish which I don't love. But it's an option if you want to make the foundation work.

Primers this doesn't work with:

Please note this is by no means a bad review of these primers because I really like them both. They just don't work with this foundation in particular.

The Ordinary High Adherence Silicone Primer | £3.90 | REVIEW

This is actually one of my favourite primers and this is by no means how I feel about this primer! But this doesn't work with the Fenty foundation. I think it's just not hydrating enough and when paired together my skin feels so dry and tight. But this primer works with all my other favourite foundations which is strange!

The Becca Back Light Priming Filter | £32 | REVIEW

This makes me so sad because this is my fail safe primer. Normally I can rely on this to make any foundation work. But it just doesn't with the Fenty foundation. I think, again, it's because this isn't hydrating enough.

So that's how I make this foundation work. With the right primer this foundation is amazing. If you're struggling to make the foundation work definitely try changing the primer because it makes a huge difference.

Have you tried this foundation? What are your thoughts?

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