My Ultimate Recommendations to Try from ColourPop

ColourPop for sure is one my favourite affordable brands! I've tried a lot from them so I wanted to share my ultimate favourites! ColourPop do ship to the UK, however the shipping can be quite expensive but they normally have free international shipping on orders over $50 so I normally order then. I do get customs charges on an order this big though, which is normally around £15-£20. In my opinion ColourPop is totally worth it though. Anyway here's my picks..

Super Shock Shadows | $5

the most unique eyeshadow formula ever! These have a spongy, mousse like consistency, it's really difficult to describe. They are so creamy and pigmented. It took me a little while to get used these and find the best way to apply them (synthetic brush), but now I have there's no looking back! They last all day and come in a huge range of shades. My favourite shades are:

Elixir - Which is a mid toned Orangey Brown colour. It works really well in the crease.

Kennedy - is a matte Peachy colour. Again this works well in the crease,

Kathleen Lights - Which is a Coppery, Gold shimmery colour. It is so soft and very pigmented. It works well as a lid colour.

Sunset BLVD - This is such a gorgeous warm, golden bronze shade. It looks beautiful all over the lid.

Sequin - is a shimmery, rosey copper with a Silver running through it. Again, another lovely lid shade.

Cornelius - which is a warm, mid toned matte Brown. I love this as a crease colour.

If you're making a ColourPop order definitely add one of these to your basket.

Pressed Eye Shadow Palettes | $16

I have tried their singles eye shadows and I wasn't really blown away buy them. Don't get me wrong they are really good for the price, really creamy, and pigmented, But I just found the process of researching each individual shade and making my own palette a bit faffy. So I was super excited when they launched the Pressed Shadow palettes. I have 3 (See this post for full review on them all) but my favourite is the I Think I Love You palette. The warm and natural shades are just perfect. There's a good mix of mattes and shimmers. And all the shades are so soft and blend-able and really pigmented!

Super Shock Highlighters | $8

Their Super Shock highlighters are out of this world! They have a similar formula to the eyeshadows but they have more of a creamier consistency, but these aren't like a traditional cream formula. I like to apply them with my Real Techniques Stippling Brush. they blend seamlessly into the skin and last all day. The ones I have tried do give a really intense sheen to the skin which I love. They come in a range of shades for most skin tones. My favourite shades are:

Wisp - I feel like this is a favourite among everyone. It's a classic Champagne colour that would suit pretty much everyone. It has such a lovely sheen to it and catches the light perfectly.

Churro - I think this has been discontinued but there is Glazed which looks similar here. This was a marbleised highlighter (but where I've used it so much it's disappeared) with Gold tones in it. It's slighter lighter than Wisp. I think it's a very versitle and looks beautiful on.

Flexiterian - I wasn't sure I would like this but I love it! It's a really cool icy champagne colour. It gives such a intense dewy look to the skin. If you don't like these kind of highlighters this won't be for you.

Ultra Satin Lips | $6

For the price I've not come across a liquid lipstick better than these. They do have a satin finish, rather than a fully matte one but they are far more forgiving on the lips. They don't cling to any dry patches and aren't drying at all. I get around 4-5 hours wear time before the colour starts to break down too. Like most ColourPop Products these come in huge range of shades but my picks are:

Echo Park - this is one my most worn, everyday shades! It's described as a warm toned peach but I don't really see the peach in it. It say it was just a rosy nude colour. But it's the perfect everyday shade. I think It would suit a range of skin tones too.

915 - This is another one of my favourite everyday shades. It's a mid toned, warm Brown nude colour.

Calypso - is a warm toned, dusky Pink colour with plump under tones. It's my perfect 'Pink' shade and suits my skintone so well. It's a little more than a nude but not quite a bold shade which I tend to love.

Pressed Powder Face Duos | $16

These little face palettes duos are amazing job too. Each one contains a blush / bronzer and highlighter. I have 3 from the collection and I really love them all:

Double Play - I love this palette throughout the summer. It contains a gorgeous Peachy blush and Champagne toned highlighter. Both pair nicely together! Like the Topax highlighter this isn't chunky or powderery on the skin.

The Knockout - I brought this on a bit of a whim when it was on offer and it's become one of my favourites. This contains a matte Peach coloured blush, that looks stunning on. And a duochrome highlighter that's Peach toned and has a Gold shift to it. It's really stunning! It suits my skin tone really well.

There's nothing I actually really don't like from ColourPop. But these are the ones that are really worth paying customs fees and extra shipping for.

Have you tried any of these? What are your favourites from ColourPop?

Until next time...

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