On Trend Highlighters that Won't Break The Bank - MUA Prism Highlighters

MUA is probably one the most affordable brands out there. Offering us brilliant, on trend products that perform really well without the hefty price tag. They recently launched the prism highlighter collection. Which consists of some amazing formula and shades. I've been testing the range and I'm ready to report back.

Prism Highlighters* | £4 (each)

These highlighters are like regular 'prism' highlighters in the way they look different when the light catches them. There is 5 shades available, which is really impressive for a drugstore brand! The shades are:

Rose Tinted - This is a pale Pink colour with a Purple shift to it. The formula is really soft and very pigmented. On the face this doesn't look overly Pink until it catches the light and then it looks so pretty.

Aquatic Shine - This shade is a beautiful icy blue colour. I love the shade, despite it not being overly wearable.

Polarised Green - Is as the name suggests a Green colour with a Silver sparkle.

Ultra Violet - This looks White in the pan but it actually translates to a really pretty Purple colour with a Silver shift. This does feel a lot thicker than the other powders but it translates nicely onto the face.

Solar Flare - this is my favourite shade. It's a kind of Peachy colour that's really wearable. It catches the light perfectly and looks beautiful on.

Overall, these aren't everyday shades but the formula is incredible. I'm actually gutted I didn't get this review up before halloween because they are perfect for creating a unicorn look. Plus this is a great, affordable way to try this highlighter trend.

Prism Jelly Highlighters* | £5 (each)

I was super intrigued by these jelly highlighters, I was expecting them to be like a gel, cream highlighter which baffled me because they are in a palette. But these don't have that consistency at all. They're bouncy, and so soft! They are so unique, I've not tried anything like them before. The closest formula I've tried is the ColourPop Super Shock highlighters, but the MUA formula isn't exactly the same. They give a really lovely dewy look to the skin. They can be applied sheerly or built up for a more intense glow. There is 3 palettes in the collection, each houses 3 highlighters, which are:

Light Spark:

This for me personally is the most wearable palette of the collection. The three shades are stunning. They don't have shade names so I've numbered them to review:

Shade 1 - is a really icy pale White colour. This would suit pale skin tones.

Shade 2 - this is my favourite shade. It's a classic Champagne tone that would suit most people. It gives the cheek bones a lovely sheen to it and it catches the light really well.

Shade 3 - this actually doesn't translate as dark as it looks in the pan. It's a lovely Bronzy Gold colour. Again this looks absolutely stunning on. I think this would be great for medium, dark skin tones.


Optical contains some really unique shades, I actually don't have any like this in my collection. I have numbered the shades again:

Shade 1 - Is a very unique Taupey Brown colour. I haven't used this on my face because I know it will be too dark for me but for darker skin tones I think this would be brilliant.

Shade 2 - this shade is a Pinky, Champagne tone. This looks stunning on.

Shade 3 - This is a really warm toned Copper colour. Again this is too dark for me but I've been using this as an eyeshadow and it works really well as an all over the lid shade.

Crystal Cut:

This palette is the most colourful. The shades are:

Shade 1 - this is really cool icy shade, it's similar to the shade 1 in the Light Spark palette but this has a Lilac shift to it.

Shade 2 -  is a pale Green colour. For me this isn't the most wearable shade but perfect for custom parties or just if like Green highlighter.

Shade 3 - is a cool, icy, Grey Purple. Again this isn't the most wearable for me.

Overall, although Crystal Cut and Optical aren't your classic highlighter shades,  the formula is incredible! One of the best I've tried from this price point and some that cost way more! I love Light Spark, I really can't recommend it enough!

Prism Loose Powder Highlighter* | £5

Loose powder highlighters are definitely the in thing at the moment. This MUA offering in the shade Star Illusion looks so pretty. It looks White in the pot but when applied to the skin it transforms to a lovely pale Pink colour. This isn't over the top though. The powder itself is so silky and doesn't look powdery at all. I did find this difficult to apply at first but the key is to only lightly dust your brush in it.

I can't believe how affordable these are given their tiny price tag. Especially, the jelly highlighters! I really recommend checking them all out. They are a brilliant way to try new trends without spending loads of money.

The Prism collection is available from MUA (here) and Superdrug (here).

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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