The Winter Skincare Switch

As the season changes skincare definitely needs changing to. The environment can have a huge effect on my skin, especially the cold. My skin becomes even dryer and dehydrated. The key to finding the right products is knowing what your skin is doing - is it dryer? Or more sensitive? Once you know that you can switch up your products accordingly.

My PM skincares picks are:

Purlisse Blue Lotus 4in1 Cleanser* | $36 | REVIEW

Because I have dehydrated skin I like a nourishing cleanser. My usual choice is the Fresh Soy Cleanser and while this isn't drying it isn't as hydrating as I would like. So this will be my go to. It's kind of thick, almost like a thick balm but it still leaves my face super clean without feeling stripped or dry. Plus it smells amazing.

PIXI Glow Tonic | £18 | REVIEW

I tend to strip back my use of acids as the weather gets colder, I just find my skin doesn't need them as much and they can leave it a little sensitive and paired with the cool air doesn't end well so. But I still like to use this because it is really gentle yet, effective. It gently lifts away dead skin cells, leaving my skin looking bright, fresh and glowing. I think this would be suitable for all skin types too.

Pixi Milky Mist | £18 | REVIEW

I've found that layering hydrating products is the best way of getting loads of hydration without the heavy sticky, suffocating feeling that some thick creams can cause. So a hydrating mist is perfect. I love this one from Pixi. It instantly adds hydration and makes an excellent base for other products.

LJH Vita Ampoule* | £18 | REVIEW

Ampoule is basically a super charged serum so it's a no brainer my dehydrated skin loves them! I've been really enjoying this offering from LJH. Which is super hydrating and brightening. So it's the winter addition. I've been using this AM and PM and my skin is so much more hydrated since I've been adding this into my routine.

Verso Hydration Serum* | £79

A good serum is essential in my routine but I recommend getting one for your skin type. This one is aimed at hydration but also contains Naicimaide which can help pore size so I think this would be suitable for most skin types. It has a silky smooth texture that absorbs pretty much instantly, leaving my skin so soft and smooth! I think this will become a year round essential.

Antipodes Joyous Oil* | £37 | REVIEW

To add in extra hydration, I like to use an oil in the evening. This one from Antipodes is perfect for winter, because it so hydrating and nourishing. It is slightly thicker than some oils but I don't mind that. In the morning after using this my skin is so hydrated and plump. My dehydration lines look better and my skin just looks more healthy.

Proto - col Intensive Night Cream* | £19.99 | REVIEW

I definitely think a separate night cream is essential (for me anyway) especially in the winter. Night creams tend to be thicker and just over all better. I've found myself reaching for this every night. It contains Collagen which is well known for anti ageing and hydrating properties. This is quite thick but it feels so nice on my dehydrated skin. It instantly leaves it feeling soothed. In the morning my skin is so much more hydrated than it usually is!

My AM Picks:

My skincare routine is very similar in the morning to the evening. I use the same cleanser, toner, serum and ampoule. I don't use oils and change my moisturiser.

Sukin Sensitive Moisturiser | £7.95 | REVIEW

My morning moisturiser is this one. I did use this throughout the summer but it does the job so well, I think winter and the cold air will be no match for this! It's pretty no fuss but so hydrating! It absorbs really quickly while keeping my skin hydrated all day. It also works well under makeup too.

So they're the products I'll be relying on as the weather turns cooler.

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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