A few Drugstore Discoveries

I really don't think these posts need much of an introduction anymore! But if you are new it's basically the affordable discoveries I made from the month before.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation* | £9.99

I was sent this in a Voxbox from Influenster. I used to love the Original Health Mix back in the day so I was super excited to try this. It's formulated with vitamins to help the skin look more awake and more healthy. The finish is more on the dewy side but it's not shiny or oily looking. When set with a powder this has amazing staying power - it stays looking perfect all day on me. Oily people might have an issue with this though. Bourjois are renowned for the rubbish shade range but I've never had a problem with the shades. That being said I have the shade 55 Dark Beige which isn't a great match for me. It's for too Orange toned. I think I would buy this in the correct shade though. Overall this is a pretty good, affordable foundation.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer* | £8.99

I've also been testing the matching concealer. And unfortunately I don't love this. Firstly the shade 03 is a lot darker than I like a concealer. The coverage is on the light to medium side and I tend to prefer something more full coverage. This does have a very natural finish and would be great for those who don't have a lot they won't to conceal.

Bourjois Lip Creams* | £7.99

Metallic lip products are everywhere at the moment and Bourjois has jumped on the bandwagon and I actually really like these. I thought they were going to be a liquid lipstick but these are definitely` a cream with a gloss finish. The metallic finish in this formula is actually far more flattering on the lips too. They offer a rich pigmented pay off, and are quite hydrating. I have Two shades:

500 - which is a bold Pink colour. On my skin tone this almost looks neon. For me this isn't a shade I would go for but if you like this these kinds of shades definitely check this out.

100 - This is a Gold, Copper colour. I actually really like this shade. I think it would look great in the summer time.

Overall, I'm really impressed with these, If you're looking for an affordable metallic lipstick, look no further.

Healthspan Soothing Heel and Foot balm* | £7.95

I spend so much time, effort (and money) on looking after my face and body but I seem to neglect my feet. But thanks to this lovely cream I'm sorted. It smells lovely, like Peppermint and feels really soothing when applied. This definitely leaves my feet a lot softer! The cream isn't heavy or sticky and absorbs pretty quickly. I can't believe how cheap this is! I really recommend this.

Makeup Revolution Flawless 4 Palette* | £8

I got this in a goodie bag from a Superdrug event and at the time I wasn't overly fussed about it. I've turned into a bit of an eyeshadow snob but the shades were right up my street so I gave it a test. I'd completely forgotten how good Makeup Revolution eyeshadows are. All the shades in it apart from One or Two (every palette has one dud) are really pigmented and so easy to blend. They last a really long time on the lids too. Most of the shadows are warm toned with some naturals. It has a good mix of shimmers and mattes too! This is a great way to try Autumnal hues at a low price.

Janina Activated Charcoal Tooth Paste* | £7.95

Affordable, at home tooth whitening products have really come a long way and Janina is brand that offers amazing products that are gentle, yet effective. I've been testing this toothpaste which contains Charcoal which lifts away impurities and toxins, leaving teeth super clean and feeling very fresh! In terms of whitening this doesn't do anything overly dramatic but I think my teeth do look a little Whiter! Janina are also on offer, with a 3rd off at Boots.

Janina Ultra White 7 day Whiting System* | £19.99 (currently on offer for £9.99 here)

Another product from Janina I've been really liking are these teeth whitening strips. Like the all Janina products these are formulated without any harmful chemicals and are Enamel safe. The strips are really easy to apply and comfortable to wear. For best results they should be used everyday for 30 mins over 7 days. I'm really impressed with these. After using them for two days I noticed my teeth were whiter and brighter! After the 7 days my teeth look a good 2-3 shades whiter! These are definitely worth checking out. They also have a 3rd off at Boots.

3INA The Lash Primer Mascara* | £9.95

This is white mascara primer that you use before mascara. This offering promises to voluminse, add lenght and condition the lashes. This definitly adds some extra lenght and volume. It has a large plastic want that applies the product well.

3INA The Ultra Volume Mascara* | £9.95

Alongside the primer I have this volumising mascara. It has such a strange plastic wand that actually works really well. It separates and catches each lash, giving a good lifting effect, creating longer fuller looking lashes.

Brush Works HD Mini Blending Set* | £9.99

Brushworks is one of my favourite affordable brush brands. Here I have this set of 4 mini blending sponges. Each has a different shade to make blending any product a breeze. These are equally good as the mini Beauty Blender, in fact I actually prefer these! They're slightly bigger than most mini sponges which makes them easier to hold. They expand nicely when wet and don't absorb too much of the makeup product. I'm really impressed with these.

So that's everything I've discovered from the drugstore throughout November.

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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