On Trend Beauty Products You Have to Try

Well have is strong word but these products I'm going to talk about are definitely worth checking out. I tend to find on trend beauty products a but gimmicky and rarely stick around for longer than a season but these products have become staples in my routine and I couldn't imagine not having them.

Vibrating Face tools...

Vibrating facial cleansing tools are everywhere at the moment. And while they may look questionable the results speak for themselves. The vibration action gives the skin a deep and thorough cleanse while still being gentle on the skin. I've been testing this one, the  Sensse Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush* | £27 | This one in particular is made from super soft silicone that is really gentle on the skin. The silicone also means it's very hygienic and easy to clean. The gentle vibrating action also gently exfoliates the skin which leaves it brighter and more radiant. I love how clean and soft this leaves my skin feeling. Plus this is relatively cheap in comparison to some facial cleansing tools.

Hair Tools...

My Facebook feed is full of different heated hair style tools, from heated hair brushes to rotating brushes. I have super thick curly hair so I was a little sceptical to how this would work on me. Until I was sent the InStyler MAX | £69.99 | Which is the easiest thing I've come across to achieve a big bouncy looking blow dry at home. It has a 32mm barrel that rotates and ionic bristles that help straighten or curl the hair. It's so easy to use. I use it on dry hair and the style lasts ages too. I really recommend checking it out!

Korean Makeup...

Korean skincare has really made a stamp on most peoples routine in the UK and now their makeup is too. With cutting edge formulas that are fun but are still functional, it's no wonder they are taking the west by storm. Touch In Sol is one of my favourite brands and their products really are amazing. My picks are; Touch in Sol No Poreblem Primer | £15 | REVIEW | This has become my favourite primer. As the name suggests this is a super smoothing, blurring primer that leaves the skin looking smooth and baby like. Makeup glides over the top of this and helps keep my makeup on all day. My second pick is the Touch In Sol Metalist Liquid Foil Duo* | £20 | REVIEW | Which is a very unique product, it combines a liquid eyeshadow and glitter to achieve a really foiled eyeshadow effect. The liquid shade can also be used on it's own. Once this sets it is so long lasting and doesn't budge, until you want it to. My favourite shade is Eldora which is a really pretty Bronze colour paired with a Gold glitter.

Liquid Highlighters...

Liquid highlighters have been a game changer for me. Especially the Iconic Illumination Drops* | £32.99 | REVIEW | These super dewy drops can be used in a number ways, as a highlighter, a primer or added to foundation. I love to use these as a highlighter. They give a real reflective effect but look so seamless and blend easily into the skin. They don't distribute the makeup underneath and stays put all day. I get so many compliments when I wear these.

There's a few on trend products that I really recommend checking out.

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time....

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  1. Great post!!! I’m about to take some photos of touchinSOL products!
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