A Primer for Every Skin Concern

Primers are one of my favourite makeup products. They make a huge difference to how my base products look and last! So today I have a little edit of primers for every skin concern.


Now I don't have oily skin so enlisted the help of my best friend who has oily skin and these are her recommendations.

Boots Time Delay Primer | £9.99

I actually really like this primer despite not having oily skin so it's great to hear it works for a range of skin types. This has quite a siliconey texture, but I don't find it overly drying on my dehydrated skin but my friend says it keeps hers matte all day. It also gives the skin a slight glow to and it's so blurring! Makeup applies so easily over the top and lasts all day. I can't find this to link online but if you see it in store definitely check it out.


I have dehydrated skin so a moisturising primer is definitely one of my favourites.

Touch In Sol Honey | £19.50

This is a recent discovery but one I've been loving. It contains skincare benefits that hydrate, firm and illuminate the skin. The suspended gold particles in this also gives the skin a healthy glow. I find this really hydrating, it smoothes over any dry areas so makeup doesn't cling to them. It leaves my skin looking plump and hydrated. It also stops my skin from drying out throughout the day too.

Too Faced Hungover | £27 | REVIEW

This has been one of my favourite primers for a long time! Like the Touch in Sol one it offers skincare benefits too. It's super hydrating and helps my skin to look more alive, than dull and drab! It has the consistency of a moisturiser that melts into the skin, leaving a smooth, hydrated base for makeup. It's one of my favourites in the winter months.

Farsali Rose Gold Elixir* | £50 | REVIEW

If you want a seriously hydrating primer this is for you. It's an oil that contains a handful of super hydrating ingredients. This can be used as a moisturiser, primer, mixed with foundation or as a hydrating lip treatment. And it works equally well what ever way you use it. So this is pricy but you do get your moneys worth. The light weight oil melts into the skin, leaving a super soft, smooth base for makeup.


Dull skin can easily be counteracted with a good illuminating primer. I love a good dewy glow so again one of my favourite types of primer.

Becca Backlight Primer Filter | £30 | REVIEW

If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll know how much I love this primer. If a good glow is what you're after look no further. This is a cream primer that leaves skin with a gorgeous healthy sheen. It has a kind of pearlescent sheen to it, nothing glittery or too shimmery! Makeup glides over the top and really does look like I've been lit from from within.

Touch In Sol Toc Toc Toning Primer | £16

Now this is like an all in one primer. The gel formula has everything I want from a primer, it's hydrating, blurring and illuminating! This one gives more of a natural glow than the Becca one but still one that can be seen under makeup. This also has a tack to it that makeup sticks to, not in a bad way though, it helps the makeup mesh with the skin and look flawless!

Estee Lauder Illuminating Primer | £25 | REVIEW

This primer has a light cream consistency with a small amount of shimmer in it, it's barely noticeable on the skin but it makes a really nice base for makeup and gives the skin a very subtle glow. This would be a great illuminating primer if you have oily skin but still want a bit of a glow.

The Makeup Extenders.. 

This is such a tricky category for me because most makeup extending primers tend to be far too drying on my skin. But I have a couple that are excellent! 

Sorry if your bored of hearing about this primer but I just cant stop talking about it because it's so amazing! This does have a silicone base but it's not heavy or drying at all. The silicones do a good job at blurring any imperfections. It stops my makeup from settling in my fine lines and of course helps makeup stay on longer. It also makes my skin feel like velvet and makeup literally glides over it. 

Now this has a scary name but don't let that put you off! This doesn't feel siliconey at all. And my makeup does hold on for so much longer when I use this but not in drying, tight way. It just leaves my makeup looking flawless! Plus this is super affordable! 

So there's some primers for whatever your skin concern. 

Have you tried any of these primers? What's your favourite type of primer? 

Until next time... 

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