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It feels like for ever since I last posted an Affordable Discoveries Post and since then I seem to have accumulated quite a collection of affordable products. So without further ado...

Profusion Contour and Conceal Palette* | $13

I just love palettes, there's something I just love about having everything in one place. So when I received this concealer and contour palette I was really excited. It contains a range of concealers in a variety of shades for colour correcting and concealing. The formula is really nice, they're super creamy, pigmented and easy to blend. They work well under the eyes and on blemishes. The palette also contains a range of contouring shades. There are light shades, cool shades and slightly warmer ones - there's something for everyone. The powders can also be mixed to create you perfect shade. The powders themselves are really finely milled and the pigmentation is spot on. They last all day on me too! With the palette you also get Two makeup brushes, a flat one that works well to pack on and blend out concealer, as well as an angled, fluffy brush that works well with the powders to create the perfect contoured look.

Profusion Define Brows* | £10

This palette contains everything you could possible ever need to fill in and sculpt the brows. there are 9 brow shades, covering almost every hair colour. As well as Two brow pencils, a pair of tweezers and some brow stencils. To be honest I have no use for the stencils, but if you use them then this would be a great option. The pencils are creamy and define the brows well. The powders fill in any sparse areas with ease. Overall, this is a nice little palette.

Profusion Highlighter Palette* | $10

Another palette I have from Profusion is this highlighter palette and I love highlighter palettes. This one houses 9 shades, from cool icy shades to deep Bronze shades. Most skin tones are catered for in this. The shades are soft and really give the face a perfect highlighted sheen, without being chunky or glittery. My favourite shade is Jolly which is a lovely Peachy Gold colour.

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer | £4 | REVIEW

I've done a whole post dedicated to these concealers but I wanted to mention them again because I'm obsessed with them! There is 19 shades available which is amazing for a budget brand. I have 3 shades, C2, C3, and C4. C4 is the best match for me. The coverage is so full, but not cakey or heavy looking. It works well on spots and or dark circles. As £4 concealers go this is amazing. I'd happily pay £10+ for this. See my full review here.

ELF Prep and Hydrate Balm* | £9

I'm all about hydration so I was super intrigued when I saw this balm primer. This is an essential oil in a stick form. Which is super easy to apply! It really is hydrating and leaves my skin looking and feeling plump. It makes a great base for makeup and foundations glide seamlessly on top. I find this keeps my skin hydrated all day too, which is something my dehydrated skin struggles. I actually have a similar option from Mac and this is equally as good.

Revlon Lustorous Lipsticks* | £7.99

Revlon lipsticks are so under rated! All of the ones I have tried are super creamy, comfortable and pigmented. Plus I love the sleek Black packaging and they have clear lids so you can see the shades! I recently added 3 to my collection:

Naughty Berry - which is a beautiful deep Berry colour. The finish is a luster finish so it's somewhere between satin and glossy. This so pigmented and really makes a statement without being uncomfortable of difficult to maintain.

Bombshell Red - This is stunning Raspberry Red colour. It has the same finish as Naughty Berry. It's a shade every makeup collection should have.

Bare Affair - is the perfect everyday nude colour. It's not too Pink nor to Brown. It's just the perfect throw on and go shade.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour* | £8.99

Revlon has also added some new shades to their HD Matte lip line. But this time they are metallic shades! I have a few shades from their original line and I do really like the formula. They are really pigmented and so comfortable on the lips. My only issue is these are not matte. Which is fine, I actually really like that they're not but it's something to bare in mind if you are after a matte lip. I have Two Metallic shades and a regular One:

705 HD Shine - this is a metallic shade that's a really nice Coppery shade. This isn't as metallic as some lip products on the market but I actually prefer this. It makes them a bit more wearable.

HD Gleam - this is a pale creamy metallic shade. It's not something that I would reach for a lot but perfect if you like this kind of shade.

HD Infatuation - this is from the regular HD line. The shade is a beautiful deep Berry shade with Brown under tones. It's actually the most matte finish out all the lipsticks I've tried from this line. But it's still super comfortable and easy to maintain.

Please don't let the fact these don't have a matte finish put you off because the formula is amazing!

Revlon HD Gel Lipcolour* | £7.99 (currently £4.75 here)

I recently raved about this formula. So I'm pleased to have some new shades. I actually think these are the greatly loved Lip Butters (RIP) in different packaging. These are so creamy and feel very hydrating on the lips. They have a sheer but build-able formula with a subtle sheen finish. I have Two new shades:

720 Pink Cloud - this is a pale baby Pink, Barbie colour. These kind of shades really don't work for me personally but if you like these colours definitely check this one out.

700 Sand - I love this shade though. It's a pale, creamy Beige. That goes with any makeup look. It's become a hand bag staple!

Revlon Colour Stay Lip Liners* | £5.29

Next from Revlon I have these Lip Liners which are fantastic! They are so easy to outline and fill in the lips. They don't drag or tag on the lips and the pigment translates perfectly. In terms of wear time these are really good, they could even be worn alone. I have Two shades:

Nude - which as the name suggests is a nude colour. It actually matches perfectly with MACs Velvet Teddy. It works really well with all my favourite nude lipsticks.

Plum - like the name suggests this is a Plum colour. It works well with most bold lipsticks and helps to stop them bleeding outside the lips.

There are my recent affordable discoveries. Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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