Four High-End Highlighters Worth Investing In

Highlighters are one of my favourite makeup products. They just transform the whole makeup look, give my face shape and more importantly leave my skin looking healthy. So today I thought I'd share my high-end highlighters that I think are well worth investing in.

Ofra Highlighter | £20

This is one of my favourite highlighters and I actually don't talk about it enough. This finely milled beauty gives the cheeks a seriously good sheen. It's more of an intense highlighter, which I actually prefer. The formula is so buttery and applies with ease. The shade Blissful is a really lovely Gold colour but is not too Gold. It's a really nice shade that would suit most skin tones.

Makeup Forever Pro Light Fusion Highlighter | £27.50

Makeup Forever have formulated a winning formula in the form of this highlighter. Makeup Forever describe that it has a gel-powder formula. It is so soft and pigmented. It isn't as intense as the Ofra one but I wouldn't say this is a subtle highlighter! The sheen this gives is incredible, it catches the light perfectly without being chunky or glittery. There are Two shades available. I have the shade 02 Gold, which has a Golden hue to it. It's slightly more Golden than the Ofra option. I also find this is super long wearing. At nearly £30 this is definitely worth investing in.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector  | £32

This is a cult classic and for good reason. This powder is the silkiest, smoothest powder I've swatched! I have the shade Opal which is a classical Champagne colour, not too Pink nor too Gold. It gives an almost wet look to the cheeks, which I love. It doesn't contain any glitter or exaggerate any problem areas. It is rich and pigmented and just looks beautiful on. I've actually just read this can also be used as a setting powder to blur imperfections. I've actually tried it that way and to be honest I think this maybe too dewy, but I will try it again and keep you updated.  I actually don't use this enough. This is pricy but so worth it.

Iconic Illuminating Drops* | £32.99

Is this really a surprise to anyone? I rave and rave about these drops because they are simply brilliant! This liquid highlighter can be used in a number of ways. As a primer, for a backlit glow, mixed with foundation to up the dewy-ness or as a highlighter. They work well in all ways but I personally love them as a highlighter. They give the face such a healthy looking sheen. The glow is quite intense but so natural looking. The drops melt into makeup but without moving it or causing it to separate. They come in 4 shades, so there is something for most skintones. I have the shade Original which is a lovely Champagne tone too. I only use a few tiny dots of this so although these are expensive they should last a really long time.

There you have my 4 high-end highlighters that I think are worth investing in.

Have you tried any of these? What's your favourite highlighter?

Until next time...

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