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It's been a while since I did a good old Makeup Revolution haul! A couple of months ago I received one of their palettes in a gift bag after an event and I completely fell back in love with the brand. I mean who doesn't love super cheap products that perform amazingly! So I've been testing a few products and here are my thoughts.

Soph Highlighter Palette | £8

Sophie from Soph Does Nails launched a highlighter palette and Eyeshadow palette in collaboration with Makeup Revolution. After being out of stock for ages I finally managed to get my hands on the Highlighter one. Which houses 8 different highlighter shades, some of which are regular pressed powders and the others are baked formulas. The shades don't have names so I've numbered them.

1- Is a pressed highlighter that is really pretty! It's a cool, icy coloured shade that looks Silver but it has a good sheen to it. It's very pigmented. It doesn't feel as smooth to swatch but it translates smoothly to the face. I think this would suit paler skin tones really well.

2- This is a classic Champagne Peachy colour, in a pressed formula. It's one of my favourites from the palette. It feels so smooth and it's not chunky at all. It looks stunning on.

3- This is a baked formula that's a Gold colour. The formula is so soft and blends beautifully. It gives the cheek bones a lovely wet, dewy look.

4- Is a regular pressed formula. This is a pale Gold, Peachy colour that's not as Gold as shade 3 but not as pale as shade 3. This shade works really well on my medium to light skin tone. This isn't chunky and it doesn't contain any glitter.

5- Is a baked, metallic Pink. This isn't a shade I'd tend to gravitate towards but the pigmentation is incredible. It can also be sheered out for something more wearable.

6- Is a baked formula. And to be honest it isn't a shade I would get much use out of. It's an icy Lilac colour with a Silver sheen. The formula is very good though - so creamy and pigmented.

7- This is a really pretty Bronze colour with a warm under tone. This looks stunning on. I think this would work well for darker skin tones too.

8- Is a slightly lighter more wearable version of shade 7. It doesn't have an intense sheen like the baked formulas but it's great for those who prefer something more subtle for everyday wear.

Overall, I'm really happy with the palette! It has a great range of colours and caters for most skin tones. The formula is consistent throughout the palette to.

Life On the Dance Floor Guest List Palette* | £10

I love a warm toned palette so I was over joyed when I saw this! The palette houses 24 warm tones, with a mix of mattes and shimmers. I think this may have come with a plastic sheet with the shade names on but I've lost it. So like the Soph palette I've numbered them.

1- Is a pale matte Peach colour. It reminds me of the look of Makeup Geeks Peach Smoothie (which I love). It works well in the crease and adds an extra dimension to the eyeshadow look. The formula is creamy, pigmented and easy to blend.

2- Is an icy, shimmery pale Pink. This isn't 'my kind of shade' but it swatches well and has a lot of pigment.

3- Is a pale, shimmery, warm Rose colour. It's really pigmented and works well all over the lid.

4- This is a bright Red toned Orange with Gold shimmers in it. It makes a nice lid colour.

5- Is a matte, warm Orange colour. It's really soft and works well in the crease.

6- Is a bright Pinky Red shade. This is a little sheerer than some of the mattes in this palette but it works well on the eyes and can be built up.

7- This shade is similar to shade 1 only it's slightly darker. It's very pigmented and blends with ease. Another excellent crease shade.

8- This is a medium warm Pink colour. In the pan it looks shimmery but it looks more satin when swatched. This isn't a shade I would reach for a lot but it performs well on the lids.

9- This is a bright, almost neon Coral, Orange colour. I love to use this over the whole look to give a really warm pop of colour.

10- This is a shimmery, warm, Copper colour with a Gold sheen to it. It works really well all over the lid and can be used wet to really make it pop.

11- Is a really bright, matte Red colour. I don't think I have a shade this bright in my collection and it translates really bright on the eyes too, which I love!

12- Is a muted, dusky warm Red colour that has a Pink hue to it. In the pan this does look shimmery but this translates on the lids.

13 - Is a muted warm, matte milky Orange colour. Again this is similar to 7 only slightly darker.

14 -This is a very warm, matte Brown with a strong Red undertone. I love this shade, it works well in the crease and outer v. It's pigmented and blends well. There's nothing not to love.

15- Is very similar to 14, only this is slightly more vibrant and the Red under tone is stronger. It layers well with the other shades for  a super warm eye look.

16 - Is a muted, matte, plump Purple. This does have a lot of pick up but blends easily on the eyes.

17 - Is a very warm, shimmery Copper colour. It looks gorgeous all over the lid.

18 - This is a muted, dark Brown with a Purple under tone. It works well in the outer v and creates extra depth to an eye look.

19- Is a matte, warm toned Orange. It's really pigmented and works in crease.

20 -This is a medium, warm toned Brown. I love to use this in the crease. It makes a great addition to the palette because it's not as warm as the other shades.

21 - This is similar to 20 only it's slightly more Brown in tone. These two pair well together.

22 - This is another one of my favourite shades in the palette. It's a warm, matte Burgundy colour. It's so pigmented, yet easy to blend.

23- Is a kind of duo chrome Brown colour with a Purpley shift to it. It would make a great lid shade.

24 - Finally the last shade is a muted Plum colour similar to 18 but this is slightly darker.

I love this palette. If you like warm tones this, for sure, is for you. The mattes are exceptional, especially given the price. I didn't have any issue with the lasting power either - they all lasted all day on me!

PRO HD Amplified  Glow Getter Highlighter Palette* | £15

This palette is massive! It holds 8 pans that are 4g each! All of which are highlighters, I think they are the Skin Kiss highlighters that are available individually so this is a great investment if you want a few shades from that line. Another huge plus for me is this has the shade names on the actual palette! The shades are:

Rose Gold Kiss -  as the name suggests this is a Rose Gold colour. It's actually quite subtle on the skin which I prefer. It doesn't contain any glitter, it just gives the cheek bones a nice subtle sheen.

Champagne Kiss - these highlighters are very aptly named because they are a Champagne colour. It works well on my skin tone and I would suit most skintones. This isn't as intense as I usually like my highlighters to be but it can be built up.

Dream Kiss - this has a few shades in one ranging from a Green shade to Purple. The shades can be used individually (the pan is big enough) or swirled together. Swirled together I found it makes a cool, icy Blue colour. This isn't typically a shade I would reach for but if you like this kind of highlighter definitely check this out. It's very pigmented and definitely has a good sheen to it.

Glow Kiss - this is a cool, White colour. It's so pigmented. I think this would be great for paler skin tones.

Golden Kiss - This is one of my favourite shades, I think I actually have this in the individual pans. The shade is a pale Gold colour that isn't too Gold for pale skin tones. It has a really nice dewy finish that catches the light really well and makes the cheek bones pop.

Peach Gold Kiss - is similar to Dream Kiss in the way it has a few different shades in one pan. But the shades in this one are a lot more wearable. It has Peach and Golden hues to customise your perfect highlighter shade. Swirled all together though it makes a lovely Peachy Gold shade. This is my favourite kind of highlighter colour.

Prismatic Kiss - This is a pale Lilac colour. Like Dream Kiss this isn't a shade I would reach for on an everyday basis but it is a lovely colour and formula.

Mint Kiss - Is a Mint colour. Again this isn't a shade I typically go for but the formula is nice.

There are a few shades in this palette I wouldn't use but the majority I would so It makes it amazing value for money. All the shades do not contain any glitter nor are they chunky on the cheeks. As affordable highlighters go. These are very good.

Pro HD Amplified Innovation Palette* | £15

This eyeshadow palette houses a whopping 35 shades! The palette is actually quite compact in comparision to say the Morphe 35 Shadow palettes. I actually really like that this is smaller, it makes it a lot easier to store. All the shades in this are matte and warmed toned. I'm not going to go into detail of every shade because they are all matte and warmed toned. The shades from Brilliant White to a super pigmented Black. And every palette should contain a matte Black so this is a major plus point for me. It has pretty much every warm tone inbetween. From everyday Browns to Pinks and Reds. All the shades pack a punch in terms of pigment and are super blendable. The paler shades didn't swatch that well but pigment translated on the lids. You can create any eye look with these shades from day to night. If you're looking for a Morphe dupe this would be a brilliant alternative.

PRO HD Powder Contour Kit Light to Medium | £8

I've heard loads of people rave about the cream version of this but I don't like cream contour on an everyday basis so I thought I'd go for this one instead. And I'm really surprised how much I like this. I have heard people say that you didn't really need a palette with so many shades in it to contour but I really like to mix a few shades together to create my perfect shade and this palette allows me to do that. It has 4 lighter shades and 4 darker shades. All of which are matte. The lighter shades with be ideal for highlighting and setting under the eyes and conceal in the centre of the face. The darker shade range is from cool to warm. The powders are soft and blend with ease. They aren't the most pigmented powders I've come across but I prefer this, it makes them easier to work. They are buildable though. Overall, this is a really nice contour palette. It has quickly become my go to.

Liquid Highlighter | £6

I'm sure everyone knows how I feel about my Iconic Illuminating Drops, I love them! But at £32 a pop they're not the cheapest so I wanted to see if these were similar. And I'm actually pleasantly surprised by these. The consistency of these is watery but not in a way that it moves my makeup. There are a few shades available but I have the shade Liquid Luster Gold. Which is a nice Golden Champagne colour. It doesn't give quite as much of a dewy glow like the Iconic ones, they look wet on the skin. But these do give an amazing glow! They look really natural too.

Life on the Dance Floor Guest List Lipstick* | £3

Last but not least I have this lipstick in the shade Potential. Which is a warmed toned medium Brown colour. It actually reminds me a lot of MACs Taupe, which is one of my favourite shades. The finish is matte, but the formula is really creamy and pigmented. I would say the formula of these is on par with MACs matte line too. I can't believe I've not tried these lipsticks before. If you're in the market for a good affordable matte lipstick definitely check these out.

That's everything I've been testing from Makeup Revolution recently. I'm really impressed with everything.

Have you tried any of these? What are yout thoughts?

Until next time...

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