Pink Parcel Review

I am personally a huge fan of subscription boxes. I just love a little parcel of goodies that arrive each month and the surprise and anticipation of it all. So when Pink Parcel contacted me of course I wanted to review their box. But Pink Parcel is a little different to most subscription boxes which excited me even more.

The Best Affordable Glow Giving Makeup

There's nothing I love more than Dewy, glowing, healthy looking skin. And I don't think you need to pay a fortune to achieve it. So today I have the best affordable glow giving makeup.

5 Products to Deep Clean Your Pores

I'm normally all about hydration but I do love a deep cleansing treatment. Especially when I have a breakout and I think it's important to occasionally get rid of the gunk and build up in the pores. So today I have my favourite products to deep clean your pores.

Noteworthy Newness from Phase Zero (Love Me Beauty)

Love Me Beauty* have undergone some exciting changes recently. If you're unfamiliar with Love Me Beauty it's essentially a monthly beauty subscription, where you get to pick what products you want every month. It's actually one of my favourite subscriptions and they've just made it even better. You can now buy brilliant quality makeup and factory prices alongside your subscription.

The Best Products For Dull Lacklustre Skin

I'm always chasing glowing skin. As well has having dry skin my skin is really dull and grey looking. So anything that promises to give me a glow I'm all over. Last week I touched upon how I tackle my skin, you can read about it here. But today I wanted to share my favourite products that give me a good glow and leave my skin less dull looking.

Two Foundations That Never Let Me Down

Foundations are my thing, I have a weakness for them. I own far too many foundations than I care to admit but I always seem to go back to the same Two. The Holy Grails if you will. So today I thought I'd keep it simple and just talk about them.

5 Star Face Powders

For years I never even used to set my makeup because I couldn't find a powder that worked for me. Most were too drying and most just looked cakey on my skin. I do now have many powders that I love and today I wanted to share them with you.

5 Products That have Wowed Me This Week

I've been testing lots of new products the past couple of weeks and some have completely blown me away from the first use! So I wanted to share them with you guys.

Tackling Dry and Dehydrated Skin

Regular readers will know my struggle with dry / dehydrated skin, and over the years I've tried a lot of products to help combat this issue.  I've teamed up with Cult Beauty to share my favourite products that actually really work in helping my skin to look its very best! February is Cult beauty #skinCareMonth and they're celebrating 'real skin' with the #ThisIsSkin hashtag, offering the best skincare advice and best products! You can win a consultation with Cult Beauty advisers and your very own skincare regime. To enter, you have to follow @cultbeauty on Instagram and share an image to show your skincare concerns and talk about it in the caption using #ThisIsSkin, #SkinCareMonth and tagging @cultbeauty. Five winners will be announced at the end of February.  I also have a discount code so you can stock up on your favourite skincare products! You can get 15% off when you spend £20 with the code CBXLPB which is ending on 19/02/2018 (exclusions apply. See full terms and conditions here). So today I have my favourite products that have helped tackle my dry skin. 

My Most Loved Makeup

In honour of Valentines Day last year I did a similar post so I thought I'd do the same thing this year. So here is my most loved makeup.

Makeup Lately

I feel like in January I went a bit crazy buying makeup and I've been slowing testing everything. Some products have quickly made their way into my everyday makeup routine. So here they are.

A Game Changer From NYX

I've lost count of the amount of times I've brought a foundation Online and the shade hasn't been right. Which can be expensive and annoying! Not only that, the lack of shades in the drugstore make it difficult for most people to find their right shade. So when I saw these Pro Foundation Mixer shade adjuster drops from NYX on a late night Cult Beauty browse I chucked them straight into my basket!

Beauty Products to make an impact this Valentines Day (no matter what you are doing)

Love or hate Valentines Day I think most people will be doing something. Whether it be with a loved one or just friends. I've put together a little edit of killer beauty products to leave you feeling amazing no matter what you are doing.

Benefit BadGal Bang - Worth the Hype?

This mascara has definitely been hyped up! I mean when we saw all the top influencers from around the world been flown to the Maldives and other stunning locations around the world for an exciting Benefit launch, everyone was left wondering what the product was going to be! Well it all transpired to be a new mascara! Benefit mascaras are loved by many and everyone was left wondering if this would live up to their already solid collection. So is it worth the hype...?

6 Products to Rescue Winter Skin

The past few weeks have been bitterly cold in the UK and this weather, paired with central heating has an awful effect on my skin. It leaves it dry and dull looking. So today I have my favourite products to inject some life back into it and give it some TLC..

High-End Discoveries

Another month, another High-End Discoveries post. Last month was exciting in terms of makeup discoveries so here I am to share them with you guys.

You REALLY Won't Believe This Sheet

OUAI is hands down one of my favourite Haircare brands. They just deliver when it comes to products to offer real solutions to haircare problems. The latest addition to their hair care line comes in the form of the fun, but functional Anti Frizz Sheets.

Verso - The Brand you Should Know About

I've been testing these Three products from Verso for quite sometime now, I've actually used up a whole bottle of the Hydration serum! So I thought it was about time I shared the results with you guys. Verso Is a luxury skincare brand, targeted at anti ageing and keeping the skin looking young. While I wouldn't say that wrinkles are something I have to worry about yet my dehydrated skin loves anything aimed at ageing skin. Plus is never to early to start, prevention is better than cure and all that! For reference I have dehydrated skin. So on to the products.

The Liquid Lipsticks Worth Investing in

When Liquid Lipsticks first became a thing I was all over them, but if I'm honest I'm a gloss girl at heart. I have super dry lips and while I found some formulas that weren't instantly drying the next day or so my lips would feel dry. But recently I've discovered some amazing formulas that don't make lips feel like they're going to fall off. They are all on the high-end of the price scale but if you suffer with dry lips like me, or just want an incredible formula, these are well worth investing in.