5 Products to Deep Clean Your Pores

I'm normally all about hydration but I do love a deep cleansing treatment. Especially when I have a breakout and I think it's important to occasionally get rid of the gunk and build up in the pores. So today I have my favourite products to deep clean your pores.

Pixi Glow Mud Mask | £18

This is a great deep cleaning mask. Koalin Clay and Sea Salt to draw out impurities, as well as Genseng to help give skin back it's glow. It also contains soothing ingredients to help prevent irritation. I love that this isn't harsh on the skin. I like to leave this on for 15 minutes and remove, this doesn't dry down like most masks. After removing my skin feels so much cleaner and brighter looking!

Blaq Mask* |

This mask is a god send for blackheads and black pores. It's launching in the UK early April and I really recommend checking the brand out. This is one of those peeling masks that sets down to draw all the nasties out of the pores. This isn't like a peeling mask that hurts though. I like to apply this on my T zone and problem areas. And boy does this work. You can see all the gross stuff on the mask after removing (it's weirdly satisfying). It also leaves my skin feeling really smooth. If you have problems with blackheads this is definitely one to check out. I'll keep you updated when this launches.

Beauty Pie Super Detox Black Mud Mask | £6.05 (member price)

Now I'm not a huge fan on the whole Beauty Pie concept (see this post) but I do think some of their products are good. So if you have a subscription this mask is definitely worth checking out. It contains a whole range of pore cleansing ingredients including AHA and BHA. This mask is Black but it isn't a peeling one. It does set down to a hard finish. But you literally feel this working! After removing my skin feels so fresh and clean. Like I said if you have a subscription to Beauty Pie definitely check this out.

L'oreal Glow Sugar Scrub | £9.99

L'oreal recently launched a bunch of new scrubs and I went for the Glow Scrub cause I love a good glow. And I love how clean this makes my skin feel. It can also be used to buff away dead skin on the lips. It contains 3 types of sugar to exfoliate the skin. While this isn't a traditional deep cleansing treatment it does leave my skin feeling clean and fresh. I love to use this in the morning when I'm feeling tired and it helps me feel more refreshed. This is quite an abrasive scrub but I didn't find this irritating or stripping on the skin. It's also made from all natural ingredients. A definite winner.

The Ordinary Salicylic Acid | £4.20

Like the l'oreal scrub this isn't like your regular deep cleansing treatments. This is a serum style treatment. But this is a power house in terms of clearing skin the helping breakouts. It contains Salicylic Acid which can penetrate the pores deeply and encourage the skin to exfoliate. This can be drying so I like to use directly on breakouts and this really does help speed up the time it takes for it to heal and disappear. Plus it is so cheap!

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

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