6 Products to Rescue Winter Skin

The past few weeks have been bitterly cold in the UK and this weather, paired with central heating has an awful effect on my skin. It leaves it dry and dull looking. So today I have my favourite products to inject some life back into it and give it some TLC..

Fresh Soy Cleanser | £11.50

The Fresh Soy Cleanser is tough on makeup and product build up but gentle on irritated, dry skin. The light gel consistency feels super refreshing on the skin and leaves my skin feel so clean but not stripped at all. It's a pretty fuss free cleanser that doesn't irritate my skin or cause it to break out, which I love.

The Ordinary Peeling Solution | £6.30

To give winter skin it's glow back this is my ultimate favourite product. It uses AHA to gently exfoliate the skin and lift away dead skin cells. This leaves my skin so smooth and definitely more glowing! With continued use the AHA can help reduce fine lines, redness and hyper pigmentation issues. For just £6 this is a real winter skin savour.

Hylamide HA Multi Depth Hydration Booster* | £18

A good hydrating serum is another way to warn off the signs of winter. This offering from Hylamide contains 5 forms of Hyluronic acid to hydrate even deeper in the skin. This serum is fast absorbing and really does leave the skin super hydrated. It helps plump out fine lines and soothes any irritated areas. Layering products is the key to healthy hydrated skin so I like to apply moisturiser over the top.

Dr Roebucks Pure Hydrating Cream* | $36

This moisturiser is power house when it comes to hydrating. Packed with all the essentials to hydrate, repair and nourish the skin it makes it the perfect winter skincare addition. This is a very rich cream and probably won't be great for oily skin but if you have dry, dehydrated skin this is amazing! It really smooths any dry areas. I like to use this at night because it is so thick but in the morning my skin is plump and soft.

Verso Retinol Night Cream* | £90

Another great hydrating and brightening moisturiser is this one Verso. It contains Retinol which is a powerful ingredient in terms of smooth, plumping and renewing the skin. This also contains a range of hydrating ingredients. It really adds life back to my dull winter skin! It is a night cream and after Two uses I saw a huge difference in my skin. It wasn't so Grey and lifeless.

Peter Thomas Roth Blue Marine Algae Mask | £50

This has to be one of the most under rated products here! In terms of hydration this is probably one of the best masks I've come across. It has a gel consistency that feels super cooling on sensitive skin. I like to leave this on for around 10 minutes and after removing my dry, dull, winter skin is transformed. This really adds a lot of moisture, it's like a drink for my skin. It also leaves it incredibly smooth, soft, and less Grey looking. This is definitely a sound investment if you have dry / dehydrated skin.

So there's 6 products to rescue winter skin.

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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