Benefit BadGal Bang - Worth the Hype?

This mascara has definitely been hyped up! I mean when we saw all the top influencers from around the world been flown to the Maldives and other stunning locations around the world for an exciting Benefit launch, everyone was left wondering what the product was going to be! Well it all transpired to be a new mascara! Benefit mascaras are loved by many and everyone was left wondering if this would live up to their already solid collection. So is it worth the hype...?

Ordering and Delivery... 

Benefit is readily available in the UK. It's available in most department stores, online and in Boots stores. I got mine from Debenhams here.


The BadGal Bang costs £21.50 for 8.5g of mascara which is actually quite a lot in comparison to the original BadGal, which you get 2.2g! I think £21.50 is reasonable as high-end mascaras go.

The Packaging... 

I personally find it hard to get excited about mascara packaging but this is nice! It has a rubbery feel to it and looks nice. 

The Product... 

On to the mascara itself. On paper this sounds pretty spectacular. The mascara contains Aero particles, which is one of the lightest materials known to man. It's actually used in space technology. The theory behind this is it will give the lashes intense volume without weighing them down. Which this actually does. I've never really felt mascara weighing my lashes down but once this has dried and I touch my lashes they don't feel as stiff and crispy as regular mascara makes them feel. Benefit have also created super short bristles to allow the mascara to coat every lash evenly. Plus they claim this lasts 36 hours! 

The wand is really flexible which takes a bit of getting used to, I found it hard to comb through the lashes to really give them length but with a bit of wiggling it's fine. This is definitely volumising! One coat and my lashes looked so much fatter! But it's not clumpy just super volumising! It did add amazing length too! The formula is really wet, which I don't mind I found it gave me time to keep combing through lashes without it going clumpy. It's also super Black. 

I've had no wear time issues with this, it hasn't flaked or smudged on me. It's really easy to remove too. There's nothing worse than pulling and tugging on the lashes to get mascara off. 

Is It Worth The Hype... ?

The important question. And I have to say I think this is! If volume is what you're after you will love this. I was wowed from the first use and I have to say this is my favourite Benefit Mascara to date! 

Benefit BadGal Bang* is available from Debenhams here.

Have you tried this mascara? Will you be getting it? 

Until next time... 

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