Noteworthy Newness from Phase Zero (Love Me Beauty)

Love Me Beauty* have undergone some exciting changes recently. If you're unfamiliar with Love Me Beauty it's essentially a monthly beauty subscription, where you get to pick what products you want every month. It's actually one of my favourite subscriptions and they've just made it even better. You can now buy brilliant quality makeup and factory prices alongside your subscription.

 I was a little apprehensive when I heard this. I thought they were going to be like Beauty Pie (you can read about Beauty Pie here) which is such a strange, frustrating concept. But I'm pleased to report it's completely different! You can just buy the products at the price they say they are!! Which made me very happy.

The line has started with a range of lip products. Which are all £3.50 each and have a recommend retail price of £12. And I have to say these are on par with lip formulas that cost around £18. So either way this is a huge saving! I have all the lip products available so far. They are:


Goth Gloss - As the name suggest this is a gloss. It's a really stunning deep Berry shade. It does have glitter in it but it looks really pretty on the lips. The formula is so nice. It's silky smooth and not sticky at all.

Post Box Red - another gloss in the collection is this stunning shade. This is actually really pigmented as glossey but the formula isn't thick or sticky. It gives the lips the perfect just bitten, plumped effect.

Baby Pink - The final gloss in the collection is this baby Pink shade. Which is a pale Pink colour. To be honest this isn't a shade I would reach for often, just because they don't suit my skin tone, but this would be great if you like this kind of shade.

Liquid Lipsticks

Pink Suede - This is a liquid lipstick and the shade is so pretty. It's actually one of my favourites out of the lot. It's a nude colour that has a very slight Pink undertone. But's not too Pink or too Brown, it's the perfect inbetween shade. The formula is incredible. It's so pigmented and dries down completely matte without being drying at all. This wears for a good 4-5 hours before the colour starts to break down too.

Ginger Bread - this is another liquid lipstick and the formula is the same as Pink Suede. This shade is still a nude but is more of a warm toned Terracotta colour. I love this one too! It wears for the same amount of time as Pink Suede as well.

Chai Latte - Another liquid lipstick with the same winning formula. I love the shade Chai Latte. It's a lovely warm, creamy Brown. I love that this isn't to pale for my skin tone.

Classic Red - this is the final liquid lipstick in the collection. The name is pretty apt. This is a classic Red. I did find this shade a little sheerer than the others in terms of pigmentation but it's not sheer by any stretch of the imagination. The formula and wear time is exactly the same as the others though.

Lip Toppers

Prosecco Kiss - Alongside the liquid lipsticks and glosses their are also two lip toppers. Prosecco Kiss is a Pinky, Champagne colour with shimmers in it. I love the formula of this. It's not like any other lip toppers I've tried before, most have a gloss consistency but this dried down matte but still looks like gloss. It's amazing. Over my favourite lipsticks this looks beautiful and so long wearing.

Holo-Lip - this is more of a clear colour with iridescent Pink and Silver shimmers in it. This isn't for everyday wear but it's perfect for adding that wow factor to the lips.

Overall, I'm so impressed with all the formulas here. And for just £3.50 (alongside the £5 monthly subscription) these are amazing! Next month they are brining out Build your Palettes which I am so excited for. I really can't recommend Phase Zero enough.

Phase Zero is available here and you get first months membership for free with the code PZONEFREE.

Have you tried Phase Zero? What are your thoughts on this new concept?

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