Pink Parcel Review

I am personally a huge fan of subscription boxes. I just love a little parcel of goodies that arrive each month and the surprise and anticipation of it all. So when Pink Parcel contacted me of course I wanted to review their box. But Pink Parcel is a little different to most subscription boxes which excited me even more.

What is it? 

As I said Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box which sends you regular beauty products as well as feminine care products. You can select your dispatch days to match your cycle. It doesn't matter how many boxes of tampons I buy I seem to be caught short so this box is a god-send. So you get all your monthly essentials alongside some lovely goodies to make the whole time a little easier. 

Flows and absorbency aren't an issue either because they have that covered too, you can even select your preferred brand and choose between pads and tampons. They take care of everything. 

What you get: 

So this month I got:

Monthly Essentials

I got a huge variety of pads and tampons. It doesn't matter the length of your cycle, they send a good amount of products. I love that they come in pretty boxes and bags too. 

Beauty Products:

Browcote Brow Gel in Clear - I'm super excited to try this brow gel. It promises to keep brows locked in place for hours.

Laritzy Eye Pencil - I've not heard of this brand but I'm really intrigued by them. This is a Black eye pencil that's super creamy and long lasting. This also retails for £18 so amazing value with the box.

Bandzees - I always seem to run out of hair bands so these are super handy. They're also made from super soft elastic to prevent hair damage without compromising their strength.

Edible Treats

Each month you also get some yummy treats and teas to help ease the time of month. I got:

Montzemumas Chilli and Lime chocolate - who knew Chilli and Lime would make such a good flavour of chocolate? This was so yummy!

We Are Tea Peppermint Tea - I'm not a huge fan of hot drinks but I know this tea is loved by many so I can see why this is in the box.

Vega Nutritional powder - this is a nutritional powder that can be mixed with water or your favourite smoothy to give you an extra boost of vitamins. I have the chocolate flavour. I mixed this with water and it actually tastes really nice! 

How much does it cost?

The Pink Parcel subscription is £12.99 per month, including postage. Which I think is a really good price considering the amount of stuff you get. It really helps takes that extra worry and stress out the time of the month. 

I really can't recommend this service enough. I love that it's all tailored to your monthly needs. It definitely helps make that time of the month a little easier. 

You can sign up to Pink Parcel here. 

Have you tried this box? What are your thoughts? 

Until next time... 

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