The Best Products For Dull Lacklustre Skin

I'm always chasing glowing skin. As well has having dry skin my skin is really dull and grey looking. So anything that promises to give me a glow I'm all over. Last week I touched upon how I tackle my skin, you can read about it here. But today I wanted to share my favourite products that give me a good glow and leave my skin less dull looking.

The original Alpha H Liquid Gold is loved by so many. It's essentially an exfoliating treatment in the form of a toner. You can use it alone for a more intense effect or with your regular skincare for something more gentle. As part of this set you get the Rose version too. Which does the same thing as the original but it contains Rose, Lotus Petal and other hydrating ingredients. I have to say I do prefer the Rose version just because my skin is dry so it benefits from the added hydrating ingredients. They both give the skin an incredible glow. The Rose one especially transformed my skin! I use every few nights and my skin feels so smooth after using it and has a natural healthy glow.

Kate Sommervile has finally landed on Cult Beauty! Including this Moisturiser which contains a range of AHA's to lift away dead cells. Dead cells make the skin look dull, so getting rid of them will instantly make the skin look brighter. The cream itself is quite rich but fast absorbing. This is actually really gentle and would be a great exfoliating option for sensitive skin types. This can be used in the morning and evening but I like to just use it in the evening. Because it contains AHA's which can increase the skins sensitivity to the sun. I also find this really hydrating as well, which is great because most treatments for dull skin don't tend to be.

Regular readers will know how much I love this stuff. It's one of my favourite skin treatments ever and the price just makes this even better. This bright red liquid contains a potent cocktail of AHA and BHA to chemically exfoliate the skin. It lifts away dead skins and leaves my skin smoother and brighter. It also gives my skin the most amazing glow. I've not tried a product that gives me a glow as quickly as this does. I really can't recommend it enough.

I wouldn't recommend using all the Exfoliating treatments together because too much exfoliation can have a negative effect on the skin. But all these products are amazing and great for dull skin and giving it glow. All these products are available for Cult Beauty

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Have you tried any of these products? What's your favourite product for dull skin?

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