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I've been testing these Three products from Verso for quite sometime now, I've actually used up a whole bottle of the Hydration serum! So I thought it was about time I shared the results with you guys. Verso Is a luxury skincare brand, targeted at anti ageing and keeping the skin looking young. While I wouldn't say that wrinkles are something I have to worry about yet my dehydrated skin loves anything aimed at ageing skin. Plus is never to early to start, prevention is better than cure and all that! For reference I have dehydrated skin. So on to the products.

Verso Hydration Serum* | £79

This a silky smooth serum that also contains Niacinamide. A powerful ingredient that has a range of skincare benefits from strengthening the skin barrier to reducing pore size! I have a whole post on the benefits of Niacinamide here. And I have to say I've seen amazing results from this. It really hydrates and plumps my skin. I've been using it morning and night and can't be without it! I really think this has helped my redness and blotchy areas of my skin.

Verso Night Cream* | £90

I was absolutely blown away by this night cream. It contains Retinol 8 which is a wonder ingredient for keeping the skin looking young, bright and glowing. This also contains anti oxidants to protect the skin from the environment. After about two uses my skin look significantly better. It was instantly smoother and looked less dull. It's really hydrating too and leaves my skin feeling soft and supple. I've found with most retinol treatments I can't over use them because they are to harsh on my skin. But this one hasn't irritated at all. Overall, I'm so impressed with this! If you're unsure of investing in this then I definitely recommend checking out the Verso Travel kit.

Verso Antioxidant Booster* | £79

Lastly I have this anti oxidant booster. Basically anti-oxidants are so important in skincare because they have the ability to interact and stop free radicals that can cause damage to the skin, leading to ageing quicker. The particular ingredients in this are Turmeric and Vitamin E. Turmeric protects agains UV radiation and helps to combat redness, while the Vitamin E works to combat the free radicals. This boaster is also super hydrating to! I've been using this in the morning and evening mixed with my regular moisturiser. I think it's difficult to see an instant improvement from anti oxidants but I think they are essential in any skincare routine! That being said my skin definitely doesn't look as dull as it normally does so I think this is working.

Verso Riving Eye Masks* | £45 (pack of 4)

Lastly I've been testing the eye masks. Which are like gel eye patches that contain Versos potent blend of Retinol and Collagen. Alongside other ingredients that plump and sooth the under eye area. They are really cooling on the eyes and instantly make me look more awake! The patches themselves are heavily saturated, the most I've seen from a mask of this type! I like to leave them on for around 20 minutes, after removal my eye area feels so soft and I look so much more awake! If you have fine lines around the eye area I think these would really help smooth them out. These do contain Retinol but they do irritate the eyes at all and I have very sensitive eyes!

I've been using all these together for well over Two months now and my skin has made such a huge improvement. I now want to try everything from them. I really recommend checking the brand out.

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

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