You REALLY Won't Believe This Sheet

OUAI is hands down one of my favourite Haircare brands. They just deliver when it comes to products to offer real solutions to haircare problems. The latest addition to their hair care line comes in the form of the fun, but functional Anti Frizz Sheets.

First of all I love the fun packaging! The sheets come individually wrapped in a cigarette style box. Which is actually really handy for just throwing them in the handbag. The sheets are made of hemp paper which are enriched in Coconut Oil and Shea butter. To experience this anti frizz game changer all you have to do is smooth the sheets over the hair. And they smooth frizz and add shine!

The sheets themselves are a little dryer than I was expecting put this doesn't compromise their frizz taming properties. I think if they were more saturated with product, it would leave the hair looking greasy. They have a light scent that translates on to the hair, leaving it smelling lush. They're just so easy to use, just a few wipes over the hair and frizz is gone! They also leave my split ends looking a bit more tamed. I really like that with these you don't have to run your fingers through your hair. I have curly hair so if I comb through it like I would have with regular oils, it separates the curls and adds more frizz! These are also perfect for taming any fly aways on the perfect up do. They make fixing a bad hair day super easy.

Overall, this is another winner from OUAI.

OUAI Anti Frizz Sheets* are available from Cult Beauty here (£20).

Have you tried these? What are your thoughts?

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