Cold Weather Skin Saviours

I feel like it's a weird time in the UK at the moment, one minute we're talking about spring and spring makeup, yet we're knee deep in snow. My skin is certainly is not acting liking it's spring! The weather leaves my skin super dry, Red and needing a little TLC. Luckily I have a little stash of products that help stop this weather reeking havoc with skin.

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm* | £39

A nice rich, nourishing cleanser is what I like to reach for when the weather is so cold. The Emma Hardie offering is an amazing option. It removes all my makeup and leaves my skin feeling so soft. It's also really gentle and doesn't irritate my skin if it's feeling a little sensitive after it's been out in the cold and wind.

Saturday Skin Sheet Masks* | £23 (for 5)

After I cleansed my skin I like to go in with a good hydrating mask. The bitter cold weather really dries my skin out so I like to add all the hydration I can. These Saturday Skin Masks are a new addition to my routine but one that I've been loving over the super cold weekend. The fit is actually really good and the material of these masks really help it to stay put and not slip and slide around the face. They are heavily saturated in a light serum that contains Hyluronic Acid, Water Melon and Aloe Vera. I like to leave these on for as long as possible, after removing and patting the excess serum my skin feels so much softer and smoother. It definitely feels and looks more hydrated too.

Skin Owls Maqui Berry Oil* | £79

Oils in this weather are my BFF. You just can't beat the hydration and protection they give. This one contains Maqui Berry with powerful anti oxidants that boast a huge range of skincare benefits. But in particular it repairs and nourishes the skin. This oil is a real pleasure to use and instantly gives it a hit of intense hydration. It is recommended that this is to be used at night. In the morning my skin feels so soft and looks really plump and radiant.

Verso Lip Serum* | £55

Protecting and hydrating my lips are essential for me no matter what time of year but particulally in the cold and snow. My lips dry right out leaving them looking dry and crusty (nice). Luckily this lip serum from Verso has sorted them right out and helped prevent the wind from getting to them. It is quite a thick but nourishing formula. It doesn't really have a sheen to it but I prefer this. It leaves my lips feeling soft, smooth and plump. This also contains Retinol to help with long term anti-ageing benefits!

Verso Hand Cream* | £55

Not forgetting hands because this weather also sucks the life out of them too. This formula in particular has been my favourite. It's so hydrating but the consistency is really light and absorbs so quickly without leaving my hands feeling slippery or sticky. My hands are so soft since I've been using this. As with most of their products this contains the famous Retinol 8 to help prevent ageing.

That's how I've stopped this weather having an effect on my skin.

Have you tried any of these? What have been your cold weather saviours?

Until next time...

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