Foundation Sticks - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

If you're OG reader you'll remember this little series I started ages ago (you can read my previous The good, the bad and the ugly posts here) It's been a while but I thought I'd bring the series back. And today I'm talking foundation sticks. Foundation sticks have come a long way recently and gone are the days of a thick, cakey foundations that you basically paint on your face! Who remembers the Max Factor Pan Stick? If you've ever tried that foundation stick, you'll know what I mean. But anyway here are some foundations sticks that are amazing, ok and the ones that just should be avoided!

The Good (the really good)... 

I put off buying this foundation for so long because I didn't love the original Makeup Forever Foundation (see this post) but I finally caved and brought this. I'm so glad I did because the finish of this foundation is just amazing! It gives my skin a lovely, glow but too glowy finish. The coverage is medium to build-able and gives the skin a brilliant uniform finish, without being masking or heavy. The stick itself is so creamy, you don't need hardly any pressure to apply this. This also makes it so easy to blend into the skin. My only issue is this doesn't last as well as I'd like. But because I love the finish so much I just cant get enough of it. 

Makeup Revolution are really bringing it with their new launches! I fell in love with the concealer so I had high hopes for this foundation. And I'm so pleased it delivered! This actually reminds me a lot of the Makeup Forever one. It has the same glowy finish and gives my skin that perfected look to it. The consistency is super creamy and blend-able. I find with the right primer and setting powder this lasts really well on me (I've been using this with the NYX Liquid Illuminator as primer and the RCMA Not Colour Powder). Overall, for £5 this is amazing! 

L'oreal are another affordable brand to jump on the Foundation Stick Bandwagon! They have released a line of stick foundations in a range of shades for foundation, highlighting and contouring. I have two shades, one for foundation and one for highlighting and I'm really impressed with these! The formula is super creamy and so blend-able. But the finish is more satin to matte, it's very skin like. The staying power is really good too, they last all day on me no problems. They are a great affordable option. 

I've had a bit of bumpy ride with these foundations in particular, at first I loved them, then I didn't and now I love them again. These are a little dryer and thicker than some of the other foundation sticks here with a satin finish. They do feel really stiff when trying to draw them on the face but I've found mixing them with a few drops of oil makes them perfect and so easy to work. Especially the Banana shade, which I'm currently loving under my eyes! When mixed with a few drops of oil it makes my under eyes look so much brighter! These do have a natural satin finish which I really love and they last well throughout the day! I think these are actually very reasonably priced for Anastasia Beverly Hills too. 

The Bad (the ok ones)

This category is called Bad but I don't actually think these are bad, they're just the ones that are ok, the ones I could take or leave. 

Like most foundation sticks these come in a range of shades with a variety for contouring and highlighting. I have a shade for foundation, highlighting and contouring. And the highlighting and contouring ones are brilliant! Especially the one for contouring, it lasts really well and gives my face a natural, sculpted look. But the one for foundation just doesn't last on me. After an hour or two of wearing it breaks down and almost separates. Which is a shame because this has such a lovely glowy finish. 

I've had this foundation in my stash for quite a while, when I first got it I loved it. And it's definitely one of the better stick foundations I'd tried. But in comparison to some of the foundation sticks on the market this just doesn't cut it. It's slightly stiffer and not as creamy as some. This also makes it a bit more difficult to blend in. I think though, people with oily skin might enjoy this, because the finish is more matte. It has medium coverage. I do like this but I just don't reach for it over the others in my collection. 

The Ugly (the ones I don't like)... 

Please remember that just because something doesn't work me, doesn't mean it won't for you. This is just my experience with a product. 

I love Revlon as a brand so I really wanted to love this but I just don't. The formula is really stiff and difficult to actually apply to the face. You really have to drag to get it to actually apply. The finish also just looks dry on my face. Maybe this would work really well for oily skin types but for my dry skin this just doesn't work. 

There you have the foundation sticks, I love, find ok and the ones that don't work for me. 

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts on stick foundations? 

Until next time... 

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