If You Have Dry, Damaged or Bleached Hair You Need This!

I have naturally very dry hair, that and regular bleaching sessions means my hair is not looking it's best. Breakage is becoming an issue and my hair is looking a little birds nesty. So when this Pureplex treatment landing on my desk I put it on my hair that evening!

What is it? 

Pureplex is described as a revolutionary,  4 step treatment to repair, restore and protect damaged hair.

The Claims.. 

Pureplex claim that this will help and reduce breakage and damage in just one use. It uses proteins that are naturally found in the hair to rebuild it at the core, fixing the building blocks that make up the hair that can be broken from heat and colouring.  So this isn't a quick fix, it's supposed to produce long term results. The treatment also claims to protect the hair against future damaged that can be caused by colouring the hair and heat styling. All off which I do so this sounds like a miracle! 

How It Works.. 

This comes in a hair dye style box with everything in it. The steps are:

Step One - Wash the hair with the deep cleansing shampoo. 

Step Two - apply the Bong Protecting Treatment. This is like water and I did find it a little difficult to apply to the lengths of my hair. This step has to be left on for 5 minutes.

Step Three - without rinsing Step Two it's time to apply the reconstructor treatment. This is a rich cream that applies easily to the hair. Leave this step on for 15 minutes. 

Step Four - After rinsing off the previous steps, the final step is to apply the conditioner, leave on for 3 minutes then rinse.

The sachets of shampoo and conditioner will last a couple of times. But the full sizes can be brought separately. 

Does it work?

Well I think you can guess from the title of this post I love this. I did notice a significant reduction in breakage from the first use! I've used this 4 times now and the results just keep getting better. My hair looks so much smoother. My frizziness has been soothed and my hair just looks better overall. Another thing I noticed after using this is blonde looks so much brighter and less dull looking. I'm not sure if that's down to the actual reconstructing process or the shampoo but either way I'm happy! 

At just £12.99 this is an absolute steal to! To think you could pay more than triple that for a deep conditioning treatment in the salon and this treatment works way better than any treatment I've had in the salon! 

If you have dry, damaged or bleached hair I really can't recommend this enough. 

Pureplex can be found in Superdrug stores and Online Here. 

Have you tried PurePlex? What are your thoughts?

Until next time... 

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