Two Beauty Tools I Never Knew I Needed

I've discovered Two beauty tools from Philips that have quickly become essentials in my routine. But they are products that I never even thought I needed. So today I wanted to share them with you.

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart Electiric ToothBrush* | £360

I never thought I'd be so excited over a tooth brush. But from the first time I used this I was amazed. This toothbrush isn't like regular toothbrushes, it's a smart tooth brush. Let me tell you why. The brush head gently whips tooth paste into an oxygen rich foam to give a superior clean. You can feel the brush pushing between the teeth. It also has a variety of settings to suit your cleaning needs. The brush also comes with 3 different heads to clean every area of the month. The heads are:

Premium Plaque Defence - this head is designed to remove and prevent plaque from everywhere including hard to reach places. This leaves my teeth feeling so clean!

Premium Gum Care - this head is slightly smaller and can be used along the gum line. It can reach even the very back of the month. It's really quite soft and doesn't feel harsh on my gums, but it leaves them feeling so clean.

Premium White - the bristles on this head are densely packed to remove stains and leave teeth Whiter. This is my favourite brush and it really has made my teeth Whiter.

TongueCare+ - This is a tongue cleaner that gently pulsates to remove grime from the tongue!

The brush also recognises which head as on it and adjusts the timing and settings for the best clean!

Other key features of the Sonicare are:

Pressure Sensor - the brush knows when your brushing your teeth too hard and will vibrate a few times to let you know. This is really handy and it turns out I've brushing my teeth far too hard.

Charging Glass - it's charger is a glass! All you have to do pop the brush in the glass and it just charges! Mind blown. It also looks really nice and makes a nice change from regular tooth brush chargers.

2 Weeks use from One charge - once the Sonicare is fully charged it will last two weeks. Which is amazing and so convenient.

Charging Travel Case - It comes with a case that also doubles as a charger. It can be connected to the laptop or mains to charge the brush.

The App - there's also an app that connects with the tooth brush via Bluetooth to track your cleaning habits. This also helps you achieve a better clean and better results.

Timer - the brush with let you know when you've cleaned an area of the teeth for long enough and turn off after 2 minutes of cleaning. This is really handy because I haven't been cleaning my teeth for long enough.

I'm really impressed with this tooth brush. It may sound a bit over the top for tooth brush but it does yield real results. My teeth are definitely cleaner, and look whiter, because this toothbrush removes 10x more plaque than a manual toothbrush!

Philips Lumea Prestige* | £575

Hair removal is one of the banes of my life! And with summer around the corner, I've been taking hair removal seriously with the help of Philips. This is an easy to use, at home IPL Hair removal device that claim to reduce hair growth by up to 92%!!! It works by using pulses of light to put the root of the hair into resting phase, reducing the time it takes to regrow and over time stopping growth altogether.
It comes with 4 different attachments to target specific areas of the body including, the Bikini Line, Legs, Face and Armpits. The device can be used with the cord or cordless.

The device is so easy to use and comes with a sensor to detect your skintone and make sure you have the IPL on the right setting to get the best results. All you have to is run the the device over the area and press the button to release the light. Philips recommend that you use the device every 2 weeks for eight weeks to see the best results. Which I have been doing. I wouldn't say I've seen up 92% of my growth reduced but it definitely has helped! I found the hair took a lot longer to regrow, especially on my legs. I'm hoping after another round the results will be even better.

Overall, I'm really impressed by both of these. They both have become staples in my beauty routine. And not only do these help me look and feel better they have long lasting results.

I'm also heading down to the Glamour Beauty Festival to see what else Philips have to offer. So make sure your follow me on Instagram here  to see how I get along.

Have you tried either of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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