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I think it's pretty safe to say I'm a skincare junkie. I think it's well worth investing time and money in. I mean you only get one skin! I hadn't really heard of Lixir Skin until it landed on my desk and I started doing some research. Which made me pretty excited to try the products.

Lixir is the brain child of Colette Haydon, who is the master behind some of worlds leading brands and formulas. She's taken her knowledge and put it into her own collection. She's created a stream lined collection, that can be mixed and matched. All the products work in harmony together. I think it's well known by now that a 10 step skincare routine isn't always the best option for skin so it's really refreshing to see a brand focusing on the less is more approach. The packaging is stunning - simple, functional and so pretty, what more could you ask for. There are 6 products in the collection. I've been testing 3 and I'm ready to report back.

Electro gel Cleanser* | £25

If you read my recent posts you'll know how much I've been loving this cleanser! It's a a lovely cream cleanser that melts away impurities and makeup. There's also a clever science behind this cleanser. It's based on the premise that things that are bad for skin tend to have a positive charge so this cleanser has a negative charge which attracts and washes away harmful toxins and dirt. And this cleanser does leave my skin feeling so clean but not stripped! I love how soft and smooth this leaves my skin feeling. It's also so gentle it can be used around and over the eyes. I have super sensitive eyes and this doesn't irritate them at all. This can be used as a first or second cleanser and either way it works brilliantly. I can't believe how much I love this cleanser.

Vitamin C Paste* | £32

I've not come across a product like this before ( I don't think) this is like a face mask / treatment / face wash one. This paste contains the potent ingredient Vitamin C which is well known for it's brightening properties as well it's abilities to combat radicals and other harmful toxins in the skin. The directions say to massage this into the skin with damp hands for a few minutes, then rinse. It's quite a thick cream, but not as paste like as I was expecting. Which I actually like, I hate the feel of thick creams on my face. After rinsing off my skin feels so smooth! I've been using this every 2 days for the past few weeks and I think my skin is definitely looking brighter and more radiant. I'm excited to see what the long term benefits are.

Universal Emulsion* | £29

This moisturiser claims to be an all in one, multi tasking hero. Lixir say this is a night cream, day cream, serum, and eye cream all one. Which is pretty bold and I was a bit apprehensive that this would actually be all of those. Now, I don't actually think you need a separate eye cream but a serum to? I'm pleased to report that it is actually surprisingly hydrating without a serum under neath. I have super dehydrated skin so I do still like to use a hydrating serum to, but if you have normal skin this would be a great option. This also leaves my skin with a lovely glow to it, nothing shiny or like I've applied to much moisturiser though. It also works really well under makeup. This works really well with my night time serum to. It absorbs really quickly so it's perfect for those who don't like that heavy feeling lots of night creams can feel like on the skin. I didn't find this broke me out or irritated my skin or eyes either. It's a great, solid all round moisturisers.

Overall, I'm really impressed with the brand and the results I have seen from these products. The brand also has AHA / BHA and retinol treatments, which I'm eyeing up next.

LixirSkin is available from Cult Beauty here. 

Have you tried this brand? What are your thoughts?

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