Makeup That Went Above and Beyond My Expectations

I just love trying new things and I buy stuff that probably wouldn't be suited to my skin type, or stuff that has bad reviews but I still really wanted to try. And sometimes I have products that I don't think will be overly good but actually are. So today I thought I'd share the products that surprised me.

Huda Beauty Eyeshadows | £25-56 | REVIEW

I put off buying Huda eyeshadows because I just thought they were so hyped because they were made by Huda. Plus the Dessert Dusk is pretty pricey. If a palette is over £40 I really consider whether or not to invest in it. I picked up the Warm Toned Obsessions palette first. And I was completely blown away by the formula. It's probably my favourite eyeshadow formula i've to date. The shades are so creamy and so easy to blend, but they don't blend out to nothing, the pigmentation is still there. I now have 3 Huda eyeshadow palettes and the formula is consistent across them all.

Makeup Revolution Concealer | £14 | REVIEW

Makeup Revolutions first attempts at base products weren't great. So when I saw this concealer was about to launch and people were comparing to the greatly loved Shape Tape, I did think that this was going to be a stretch considering this concealer is just £4!! But oh my this concealer is amazing!!! It's so full coverage, but not cakey looking and looks really natural on the skin. Plus there are 18 shades available. Check out my full review and comparison to Shape Tape here.

Iconic Illuminator* | £32.99 | REVIEW

I never really thought I'd like liquid highlighters so much. I thought they'd move makeup or cause it to separate but these drops are amazing! They don't disturb my makeup at all. They give my face the most amazing dewy look. The kind of sheen you just can't get from a powder. These can also be used as primer, or mixed with foundation. I'm really surprised by just how amazing these are.

Charlotte Tilbury AirBrush Flawless Powder | £34 | REVIEW

I brought this on a total whim, without knowing what to expect. And typically I don't tend to like powders. But from the first use I was completely blown away and I've not come across another powder quite like this. It's so blurring! It makes my fine lines and pores look so much better. Without looking powdery or cakey! I'm really impressed.

Benefit Gimme Brow | £20.50

This brow gel claims to thicken brows and hold them in place without being crispy. I've had this mini sample in my stash for a long time but I put off using it for so long because I really didn't think it would be that good. I've tried a few brow gels and never really found one I really loved, or saw the point in using, until this! Gimme Brow actually really thickens the brows, in a very natural way. I'm not sure how it does it because it doesn't look like there's fibres in it. But anyway it really does add volume and isn't crispy or uncomfortable on the brows at all! I'm so glad I discovered it.

Have you tried any of these? What makeup has surprised you?

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