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Joico Blonde Life range is one of my favourite haircare lines for blonde hair! I lost count of the amount the of times I've repurchased the conditioner. The range is celebrating it's first birthday and to celebrate they've added a brand new product to the line! I've been testing this alongside the original products so I thought I'd give you a little over view.

Before I get into the post I will say the Blonde Life range is aimed at blonde hair but I actually think it workss well on all hair colours. I've been using it on my daughter who has brown hair and it works really well on her. Anyway without further ado.

Joico Blonde Life Shampoo*| £15.80

This is my favourite shampoo ever. Which is a pretty bold claim for shampoo, but I've never come across one that's so hydrating. It lathers really well and rinses with ease and my hair instantly feels softer. Which I've never experienced from a shampoo before! Not only is this super hydrating but it helps keep blonde hair looking bright and fresh. It's special cleansing agents lift away dirt and build up that can turn the hair Yellow and dull looking. But this is sulphate free! In terms of keeping my blonde hair looking fresh I definitely think this really helps.

Joico Blonde Life Conditioner* | £16.80

If you have blonde processed hair you need this conditioner. It literally transforms my hair from a dry birds nest, to smooth, shiny, healthy hair! The conditioner instantly adds the much needed hydration my hair needs, without weighing it down. This also gives my hair a really good shine! I really can't recommend this is enough.

Joico Blonde Life Brightening Mask* | £17.80 (currently on offer for £13.68 here)

This is an intense conditioner, it is not only super nourishing but it also lifts away minerals and neutralises chlorine which can all affect the colour of blonde hair. I like to use this once a week to keep my hair looking fresh and this really helps. I leave it for around 15 minutes before rinsing. And my hair is sooo soft! And definitely looks brighter and less brassy. Although, don't mistake this for toner, this is more of a maintainance treatment.

Joico Brightening Veil*  | £13.45

This is the new launch! And a very exciting one. This is a multi tasking spray that has a whole range of hair benefits! It helps protect the hair from heat damage, UVA Rays, it's hydrating, gives hair shine and helps detangle it. It really does everything it claims to! I like to spray this on wet hair before styling it and it really helps me brush it. I have super thick, curly hair so brushing it is always a task! I actually also thinks this helps my hair dry quicker too. Once my hair is dry it's so smooth and shiny. It doesn't weigh my hair down either. I'm really impressed with this!

I really can't recommend the Joico Blonde Life range enough. Especially if you blonde, processed hair.

Have you tried this range? What are your thoughts?

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