3 Truly Flawless Bases

I've been really into super full coverage, flawless foundations recently. And with the weather being so hot I find these types bases last a bit longer. They're also perfect for nights out or special events. So today I just wanted to share them with guys.

Huda Beauty Foundation | £32

This offering from Huda Beauty has some serious hype around her. I was just looking and still most of the shades are sold out. Personally I'm not a huge fan of Huda herself but I don't deny her formulas are something, I've raved about her eyeshadows on several occasions. And this foundation is insanely good, plus the shade range is pretty extensive in comparison to some foundations of this price point. The foundation itself claims to be a full coverage, long wearing, blurring, demi matte foundation. And I have to say this does live up to it's claims. It covers everything I want it to, the finish is more on the matte side and this does leave my skin looking flawless. It has quite a thick consistency that blends so much better with a brush. Huda does sell a brush along side this but I don't think it's completely necessary, any foundation brush works fine with this. I do find the finish is more flawless if you press the foundation into the skin rather than buff it. It is also so long wearing! With the right primer this certainly still looks pretty much the same 10 hours later! I don't find this too drying for my dehydrated skin either. I love it.

Fenty Beauty Foundation | £26

Another foundation that has gained a lot of hype is this one from Fenty, which is Rhiannas makeup line. Again, this has a pretty extensive shade range. The foundation itself is quite thin and this blends better with a Beauty Blender. I wouldn't say the coverage is as full has the Huda foundation but it's still more on the full side, it still covers my redness and blemishes. This is definitely matte! I like to use a really hydrating primer with this or it can be too drying. But with the right primer this gives me a seriously flawless base. In terms of wear time this stays put all day!

Urban Decay All Nighter foundation | £29.50

This all nighter foundation has to be one of my favourite full coverage matte foundations ever! It has some serious full coverage. One pump is enough to cover my whole face and hide any imperfections. It has quite a thick consistency that blends out easily with a Beauty Blender. It does work well with a brush but I find the finish is just a bit more seamless with a Beauty Blender. The finish is matte but it's not flat looking. I find this can be made more dewy or matte depending on your preference. In terms of shades there are 24 available. But this does dry down a shade or two darker, so I would say go lighter. But overall, this is a great full coverage, flawless foundation.

So these are my current base favourites for truely flawless looking skin.

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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