Ingredient 101- Rose

Rose has been a long standing ingredient in skincare. Brands have been using it using for years and with good reason, more on that to come! With all the new ingredients that are being used I feel like Rose has been pushed down the list. So today I thought I'd talk about the benefits and my favourite skincare picks that contain it.

What Is Rose? 

This is pretty obvious one! Rose is a flower, a very pretty one at that. The two types mainly used in skincare are Rose Damascena and Rosa Centifola. Both are used for their pure essential oils which are derived from Roses.

The Benefits of Rose...

Rose oil is packed with vitamins, minerals and it has powerful anti oxidant properties. It is also deeply moisturising for dry, dehydrated skin. But it's also got antiseptic properties that help balance the skin, preventing breakouts and helping clear the ones that are there. The scent is also said to be relaxing and calming, so not only does it treat the skin it can help the mind to.

Who Should Use Rose... 

I can only speak for myself - I have dehydrated skin so this really works well for me. But in the right formulation I think every skin type could benefit from it.

My Picks 

Jurlique Daily Moisture Balancing Serum* | £40

Whenever I think of Rose in skincare the Jurlique Rose range are the first products I think of. They have a whole line dedicated to the wonderful ingredient. Including this serum which boosts a range of benefits. It is deeply hydrating, protects the skins barrier and keeps skin plump and radiant looking. The serum itself has a really watery consistency that my skin literally drinks up straight away! It instantly adds hydration and leaves my skin feeling super soft. It definitely gives my skin a hint of radiance to. With continued use my overall hydration levels of my skin have improved. I will say this does have a strong Rose scent, personally I don't mind it because the product works so well.

Jurlique Moisture Lotion* | £32

Another product I have from the Jurlique Rose line is this moisturiser. Which I love! It has amazing hydrating properties as well as helping to protect the skin from environmental damage. It has a really light consistency that absorbs really quickly. Even though this is really light it is so hydrating. My skin never feels dry when I use this. I've been using this in the evening to. It also leaves my skin so smooth and plump. Paired with the serum this is a hero hydration team. If you have dry / dehydrated skin I really can't recommend these enough.

Super Facialist Rose Hydrate Radiance Day Cream* | £14.99

On the more affordable end of the price scale I have this Rose cream from Super Facialist. This offering is perfect for dry or sensitive skin. It contains Rose which adds hydration and UV Filters that protect the skin. It has a slightly richer consistency than the Jurlique one but it still absorbs really quickly, leaving my skin soft and smooth. I love the glow this gives my skin to. It works really well under makeup to. It's a great affordable moisturiser.

Overall, I can really see why Rose is such a popular ingredient in skincare and why it has been around for so long.

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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