4 Mascaras That Tick All the Boxes

I'm not going to lie it's really hard for me to get excited about mascaras. They either work or they don't. I don't overly care about the packaging. It's just one of those meh beauty products. But 100% essential and I couldn't be without it! And I realised I don't really talk about mascara so here are a few of my favourites that tick all the boxes. For me I like a mascara to be lengthening, volumising but not clumpy and last well but still be easy to remove.

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Volume 2* | £25

I actually had been using the original Legendary Lashes which I did really like but it did smudge. Luckily Charlotte answered my prayers and reformulated it to prevent it smudging. And this mascara is a real winner. It has a medium sized bristle wand that does an amazing job at coating all the lashes. It gives the incredible length and volume in just a few coats. I've had no issues with this clumping either. And more importantly the reformulated version does not smudge, but it's so easy to remove.

L'oreal Baby Roll Mascara | £7.99

This has to be my holy grail mascara, I always come back to this. It has a strange plastic comb wand that works so well. It grabs and coats every lash, including the tiny ones. This is so lengthening, it makes my lashes go from short and stubby to long and luscious in seconds! It does add volume to, without giving me spider leg looking lashes. The formula holds the curl all day without smudging or flaking to. I also find this really easy to remove. It's the perfect all rounder.

Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara* | £21.50

Next I have this offering from Benefit which is literally like false lashes in a mascara. It gives my lashes a real fanned out effect with a lot of volume! The formula is also so Black. The applicator is long, slim and made of plastic. It also has a lot of flex in it which makes it difficult to comb through the lashes but I think this is how it gives such intense volume. I find one coat is enough to do the job. I will say that this does clump if you apply too much but like I said, one coat is enough.

Revlon Lash Multiplier Mascara* | £9.99

Another affordable option that is a good all rounder is this one from Revlon. It has a tapered bristle brush. The brush isn't to fluffy so it gives a real fanned out look to lashes. Giving definition as well as length and volume. In terms of wear I have no issue at all with it. Plus it's really easy to remove!

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

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