5 Products That Will Leave Your Skin Super Smooth

Textured skin is such a struggle. I get these weird lump things that aren't quite spots and they're just there. Which is so annoying. I also have random marks left behind from blemishes that are also an issue. Luckily I have found some products that really help so today I'm going to share them with you.

The Ordinary AHA | £6.30

This potent face mask uses a blend of AHA's and BHA's to melt away the glue that holds dead skin cells. Dead skin cells can leave skin dry, flaky, rough and uneven in texture. This has to be one of the fastest masks to deliver results that I've come across. From the first use my skin instantly felt a lot smoother. With continued use this can help fade pigmentation, reduce fine lines and just make the skin look better overall. I love the glow this gives me to! This does tingle and sting a bit on application but that's to be expected. The results are really amazing. If you want smooth glowing skin I really can't recommend this enough.

Sunday Riley Good Genes* | £85

Another product that really helps keep my skin smooth and texture free is this offering from Sunday Riley. It uses Lactic acid to gently exfoliate the skin overnight. I use it like a serum, but this can also be used as a mask. It's so gentle. It doesn't sting or cause any irritation, but it delivers results. In the morning my skin is so much smoother, brighter and more radiant. I've been using this on and off for a good few months and I really think it has helped keep texture and breakouts at bay. This is a great option if you have sensitive skin to.

L'oreal Kiwi Scrub | £9.99

I know manual exfoliators are really frowned upon these days but I still really enjoy them. This one from L'oreal is so good. It uses sugar to gentle buff away dead skin and impurites. It leaves my skin so smooth, I can't stop touching it after I've used this. It can also be used as a lip scrub to. Plus it smells amazing.

Kate Sommervile Exfoilakate Glow Moisturiser* | £55

This moisturiser is a god send for dry, textured skin. It uses AHA to gentle exfoliate skin, but I love how hydrating this is to. It can be used in the morning or evening. I tend to use it in the evening because the cream is quite rich. It really leaves my skin smooth, it is so soft, hydrated and plumped. This is a great all round product.

Alpha H Liqiud Rose Gold* | £33.50

Last but not least I have this treatment from Alpha H. This comes in the form a toner and is used in the same way. You can use it alone for more powerful results or layered with other skincare. This stuff is incredible! It uses AHA to exfoliate skin but it also contains a range of ingredients to help hydrate, firm and sooth the skin. I use this alone once a week or when my skin is looking particularly dull and this just fixes everything! It has really helped reduce those annoying bumps to. My skin looks glowing in the morning after using this to! I will say this stuff is very strong and if you're not used to AHA treatment it's recommended that you build up your tolerance gradually by layering it with other skincare first.

Have you tried any of these? What are your favourite smooth skin products?

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