6 Tips to Boost Instagram Growth & Engagement

Instagram is hands down my favourite social media platform. Despite the algorithm and the fact it frustrates the hell out of me. I just love looking at all the stunning photos and creating content on there. I know everyone's been struggling with Instagram recently so here are a few of my tips for growing on the platform.

Side note, My Instagram is largely beauty related so I'm only talking in terms of beauty content.

1. Make Good Content

Content is definitely the most important thing and where you should focus most of your effort. And I don't think you need an expensive camera, expensive backgrounds etc to do this. I know so many amazing accounts that use their iPhones and natural lighting. Just take engaging photos. My best tip here is look through your feed to see what photos get loads of likes and re-create it. Obviously don't be repetitive but if your followers like a certain style photo then go with that.

2. Engage With Others

This is 100% what I put my growth down to and that's being active on Instagram, Liking and commenting on other photos, following new accounts etc. I spend a good hour or two a day scrolling through hashtags and engaging with others. The growth from this is pretty much instant after a good liking session I gain followers straight away. This is time consuming but it is by far the most effective way that I've found anyway.

3. Hashtags

Now I've heard so many different things about hashtags and shadow banning. So I'm just going to share what I've found to work and this may not work for others. So I heard that Instagram themselves have said that shadow banning isn't real but if they think you're being 'spammy' with the hashtags then they will remove your photo from the hashtags. Which is shadow banning, isn't it? I do believe shadow banning is real, it's happened to me and other people that I know. I don't think I'm shadow banned anymore, I'm not sure how it got lifted or what I did to get shadow banned in the first place. I just carried on as normal and hoped for the best. And that's my best advice I can give if you think you are - just carry on posting.

In terms of hashtags I've heard less is more, be selective and use ones relevant to your photo, if you want to grow on Instagram. And while I do only use hashtags relevant to my photos I don't think less is more. When I have used less hashtags on photos and only use 5 or so of them my engagement has't be great. You can use up to 30 hashtags so I use as many as possible that relate to my photo and I really think this works.

4. Avoid Pods

Comment / like pods really boomed last year as a way to beat the algorithm. And I was in a few for a long time. I won't lie at first they were great, I got a flood of comments and likes. But then I realised these comments are great and all but with my following and nearly 100 comments on a photo this is just fake. Over time I released that I wasn't replying to comments because I knew that the majority come from the pods and were possibly a bit forced. So then genuine comments get missed. And these comments are so important. Overall, I just realised I wasn't enjoying Instagram as much because catching up really stressed me out. Since not posting in them I've enjoyed Instagram so much more. My engagement has dipped but I take pride in knowing the comments I do have are real and from people genuinly interested in the products I'm posting.

5. Be Consistant

I think this goes without saying. If you're only posting once a week the chances are your growth won't be that quick. I'd say you should post at least once a day.

6. Have Fun

It's so easy to get caught up in Instagram - the numbers, the likes etc and this will just leave you feeling crap about it all. I've been there and it is not fun. Try to remember why you started Instagram, whether to share your voice or you just enjoy taking photos. Whatever it may be if that is at the heart of your content the rest will follow.

I've just read this post and it sounds like I have a million followers or something haha! I don't but these are just a few tips I've learned along the way that have helped me.

What are thoughts on this? Do you have any tips for Instagram?

Until next time...

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