Best In Beauty | June

A new month means a new Best in Beauty! June was a bit of a weird month for me, I don't really feel like I tried many new products and I kind of stuck with what I know in terms of products. So I'm sorry if this is repetitive. But at least you know I genuinely love these products.

Huda Beauty Foundation | £32

I've been seriously loving this foundation the past few months. I've tried to mix it up with different foundations but none of them can compete with this. This has brilliant, full coverage, it covers everything I want it to and stays in place all day. Even throughout the intense heat we've been having in the UK. But this doesn't feel heavy or masking on the skin. The formula is a little strange and did take some getting used to. It is on the thicker side and quite creamy but still relatively easy to blend. I will say this works so much better with a brush than a beauty blender. I find to get the best finish you have to press the product into the skin with the brush. This leaves me with a super full coverage that looks as natural as a full coverage can look. It has a satin finish and depending on what primer / powder this can be made dewy or more matte depending on your preference. I don't find this exaggerates any of my problem areas and it doesn't sink into pores. It just leaves me with flawless looking skin.

Dr. Roebucks ICEBERGS Hydrating Mask* | £25

Dr. Roebucks is a new brand to the UK and I've been testing a bunch of their stuff. I do have a dedicated post about them coming soon but I want to mention this mask because it's so good! And literally saves my dry skin. This mask is like a clear gel that promises to be hydrating, refreshing and soothing on the skin. It feels really cooling when first applied to the skin. I like to leave this on for around 15 mins and after removing my skin feels so soft! My fine lines looked more plumped and my skin looks less dehydrated. It's a fab little mask.

Dose Of Colours Eyeshadow | £17

I totally brought this on a whim and I've been obsessed with it. It's the only eyeshadow I've been reaching for the past few weeks. This is like a cream gel eyeshadow. I don't tend to love these formulas but this one is really different. It feels quite stiff in the pot, not soft and it does take some working your brush into to actually pick up some product. But I actually prefer this, I find with some cream eyeshadows I apply to much, can't blend it and the I'm stuck with it. But not this, it's really easy to blend into the crease. I have the shade Hitch Hike which is a stunning warm Brown colour. I've been just applying this all over my lid, and up to the crease and that's it. Once this has set it doesn't budge wither, it doesn't crease at all.

OUAI Smooth Spray | £22

I've lost count of the amount of times I've repurchased this! It's just one of the best leave in conditioners I've tried. At the end of last month I actually ran out of this and in a bid to save money I didn't re buy, after two hair washes I realised how much I needed it! It's a multi tasking spray that adds hydration, smooths frizz, adds shine and it's even a heat protectant. It can be used on wet or dry hair, I use it both ways. It really helps to tame my crazy frizzy hair making it more manageable and easier to brush. I love how it doesn't weigh my hair down either, no matter how much I apply.

NYX Angle Primer | £14

I've been loving this primer paired with the Huda Beauty foundation. This claims to be a matte primer but I don't actually find this all that mattifying. It is definitely smoothing, which I love. It blurs away pores and leaves my skin feeling so smooth. I think this does have a silicone base but not in a heavy, masking, drying way. Once blended into the skin I can't even feel it. Foundation applies so smoothly over the top of this. And I do think this extends the wear time to.

So that's everything I've been loving throughout June.

Have you tried any of these? What have been your favourites?

Until next time...

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