My Beauty Time Capsule - Skincare

Following on from last weeks Beauty Time Capsule post, (where I covered makeup) I thought I'd share with you the skincare I'd put in to. Now I know these won't keep for a significant amount of time but these are the products which I'd include. This was super tough because I have so many different products for different skin concerns that I rotate quite regularly. But I think I have whittled it down to some key items.

DHC Cleansing Oil* | £10

Any core collection needs a good makeup remover. I have a few that I switch in and out but this offering from DHC has to be my favourite. It's a rich silky smooth oil that melts away makeup and product buildup. It removes all makeup, including water proof mascara, without stinging my eyes or leaving them cloudy. When mixed with water this emulsifies into milk that rinses off the skin with ease, without leaving a film. It's such a good oil, one that I couldn't be without.

Fresh Soy Cleanser | £30

For my second cleanser I would pick my long standing favourite fresh cleanser. This just works miracles on my skin. If my skin is breaking out this seems to really help. It has a light gel consistency that feels so nice on the skin. It leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh without feeling stripped. It's a very fuss cleanser that just works.

The Ordinary Marine Hyluronics | £5.95

A good hydrating serum is also something I can't be without. My dehydrated skin just loves the one from The Ordinary. It's a really light-weight serum that uses marine extracts to hydrate the skin. And this is so hydrating. It really plumps my skin and makes a great base for the rest of my skincare. This doesn't cause me to breakout or anything. It's just a good hydrating serum.

Dr RoeBucks No Worries Moisturiser* | £30

This has become my favourite day cream. Its light consistency absorbs instantly into the skin making it perfect for under makeup. This is also hydrating enough for my dehydrated skin. It contains amazing skin-loving ingredients such as Rosehip oil, Vitamin E and Hyluronic acid. It leaves my skin feeling soft, hydrated and smooth but never greasy. 

Verso Night Cream* | £95

Night cream was such a tough one because I switch between loads of different treatments depending on what my skin needs but one that works amazingly regardless is this one from Verso. It contains Retinol which is one of my favourite skincare ingredients. It works wonders on the skin (See this post) it helps everything from blemishes to fine lines. This one is deeply hydrating and it has really helped improve the overall look of my skin. It looks so much more radiant, like it has more colour in it or something!

The Ordinary AHA Peel | £6.95

And the last product I would include is probably my favourite ever skincare discovery. I know that it's a bold claim but this treatment really is something special. It uses a potent blend of AHA and BHA to melt away the bonds that hold dead cells to the skin. This does tingle on application but that's to be expected. The results are instant. My skin looks brighter, smoother and has a luminous glow to it. I never want to be without this!

So I think that's everything I would include.

What would you include in yours?

Until next time...

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