5 Concealers That Just Don't Do It For Me

Concealers are one of my everyday essentials. I have such bad dark circles that I just can't go anywhere without covering them. I've tried so many concealers in my time, from high-end to drugstore and anything in between. And most of the time I don't end up loving them. Today's post is all about those concealers.


I wanted to give you a little background on what I look for in concealer. For me I always use concealer under my eyes and that's the main issue I want to address. I tend to find most concealers will cover blemishes fine. I want something that has full coverage, is brightening, long wearing and doesn't crease. I will say I still haven't found a concealer that doesn't crease at all but if it does crease I want to be able to blend it out again. Ones that are too wet and move are also a no no for me to. On the other hand I don't want ones that are to matte or drying. Maybe I'm just picky but I don't think this is to much to ask from a concealer!

So here are the ones that just don't do for me. I will also say that these concealers aren't necessarily bad or disappointing I just have ones I love more.

Urban Decay All Nighter Concealer | £20

I love the Urban Decay All Nighter foundation so when they launched the matching concealer I rushed out and brought it. This concealer promises to be a long lasting concealer, that is water-proof, matte, full coverage and also contains blurring pigments to help cover dark circles and other problem areas. I will say that it is great on blemishes. Under the eyes though this is a big no! It is very matte to the point it looks dry under my eyes. The formula is creamy, easy to blend and the coverage is pretty full. But the finish just looks awful on me. Another bad point to this concealer is it dries a shade darker so it's not as brightening as I would like. I do still use this on blemishes though but at £20 I have cheaper ones that work on blemishes just as well.

LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer | £5

LA Girl is one of my favourite affordable brands, their HD foundation is one of my favourite foundations ever. And I do love their colour corrector concealers -the Yellow one works brilliantly at covering dark circles. But the Orange just does not work for me! Orange is supposed to be a great shade for counteracting dark circles. But dare I say this one is to pigmented. I just can't cover it. So instead of having dark circles I have Orange things! Which isn't the best look and looks very unnatural. I have no issue with the formula of this though - it's really creamy and blends easily! But like I said this shade just doesn't work for me.

NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer | £24

This concealer I have a love hate relationship with. I love how natural this looks on the skin but I find this moves around and creases a little more than I would like. I know pot concealers like this have a bit of a bad rep but this is actually one of the better ones. It is really creamy and does look so natural on the skin. Not drying at all. The coverage is medium yet build-able and this does look really good on the skin. I just wish it didn't crease as much.

NABLA Close Up Concealer | £15

NABLA is a new brand to me but I was super excited to try this concealer because it looks like my favourite Tarte Shape Tape concealer. Plus it's cheaper and stocked on Beauty Bay so I hoped this would be as good but it isn't. First of all I wouldn't say this is full coverage, it's definitely on the medium side, which would be fine but I find if I try to build this it creases and moves so quickly. The formula is really light and very wet compared to some concealers. And it doesn't dry down, even with powder this still has that shiny wet look to it. I think if you have really dry under eyes you would really like it but for me this is a pass.

So there are the concealers that don't do it for me.

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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