High-end Beauty Discoveries

It's been a while since I've done a high-end discoveries and I have quite a lot to share with you guys! So let's jump straight in.

Nabla Concealer | £15

I feel like I've seen this concealer loads on Instagram but never really heard anyone review it. So I was super intrigued and I brought it. This also looks a lot like the Tarte Shape Concealer so I was secretly hoping this would be a dupe. Nabla claim this is suitable for all skin tones and it effectively blurs all imperfections and dark circles. I'd say the coverage is medium. It's not as full coverage as the Tarte and the formula is a lot more watery. I found this super hydrating to the point it was slipping off my face. Which I wasn't impressed with. It has quite a dewy finish that I found difficult to matte down. I think if you have oily skin you'd probably struggle with this. I'm going to keep testing this with different powders to see of I can make it work. Don't get me wrong this isn't a bad concealer I just find concealers have to be really amazing to make me put down Shape Tape.

Charlotte Tilbury Powder

This is another new launch from Charlotte Tilbury which I was so excited about. OG readers will know how much I love the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Powder. I'm pleased to report this is a winner! This is a loose powder that doesn't completely mattify the skin, which I actually prefer. It gives the skin a satin finish with a kind of healthiness to it. But this isn't a 'glowing' powder as such. The powder itself is really finely milled and sets makeup brilliantly. Helping to keep it in place. I actually really like baking with this powder because it isn't drying like most. It's definitely a new launch to check out. You can sign up to be the first to know about it here.  

Becca x Chrissy Tiegan Glow Lip Gloss* | £18

Becca has teamed up with Chrissy Tiegan once again to bring a range of products inspired by summer glow. We all know how much I love a summer glow! I was kindly sent this lip gloss in the shade Beach Bum. The shade couldn't be more me if it tried! It's a stunning warm, Brown nude colour. The formula glides on to lips giving them a juicy, plump look. The formula isn't sticky or heavy on the lips either. This is also really hydrating. It's become my new favourite gloss!

Disciples Discover Skin Oil Set* | £17

I discovered this little set from DISCIPLE Skincare a few weeks ago and I've become obsessed with these oils. The duo is designed for stressed out skin whilst addressing a range of skin issues from adult acne to premature ageing. In this discovery set you get two oils. The Good Skin Day oil and the Dreamy Skin Night oil. Both are brilliant. The Dreamy Skin oily really does help you achieve dreamy skin. It's packed with essential fatty acids and bacteria fighting properties. This leaves my skin so hydrated and nourished. I really enjoy a good night time oil and this has become a staple in my routine. The Good Skin Day oil is designed to be used in the morning. It has a light weight texture that absorbs quickly into the skin. Don't worry this doesn't leave you oily or sweaty. This is aimed at those with breakout prone skin but I do think this is a great all round oil. I still find this really hydrating on my dehydrated skin and sits well under makeup. Overall, this is a great little set! 

Disciples Mist* | £12

Next up I have this balance mist from Disciples which I've been loving! Especially in the hot weather to give my skin a quick pick me up. This mist has lots of anti-inflamortory properties and it uses Geranium water and Collagen to plump, sooth and refresh the skin. It can be used as a toner, before makeup application, over makeup or just as a quick skin refresh. It works well all ways. I particularly love it as skin pick me up. It really helps my skin to look a little bit more alive and leave it feeling fresh in the hot sun! The mist itself is super fine, it's not like squirting water on your face. And it doesn't move or melt makeup. I really can't recommend it enough.

Cover FX Setting Spray * | £23

Cover FX do the best making setting sprays in my option so I was super excited when this dewy finish one landed on my door step. First of all this is alcohol free so all my fellow dry skin girls out there can rejoice! The mist on this is so fine, you can barely even feel it, which I love. This really does help keep makeup in place for a bit longer to. I also find that this helps keep my makeup looking fresher for longer to. In terms of a dewy finish I didn't find this added much more dewy-ness to my makeup. It kind of just made it look less flat. It also really helps to melt powders into the skin and make everything look a bit more natural. Overall, I'm obsessed with this stuff.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss | £17

Lastly I picked this Anastasia Beverly Hills gloss up in the Beauty Bay sale. And I'm not sold on it if I'm honest. First of the the shade  Butterscotch  is far to Peachy for me. But the formula is really sticky and heavy. This is very pigmented for a gloss though and I think if I had a shade I liked this would have good staying powder for a gloss. I think I'll get another shade before I draw my final conclusions.

There you some of my of high-end discoveries.

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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