Urban Decay Born To Run Palette

If there's one thing Urban Decay do well it's eyeshadow palettes! So when this landed on my doorstep I was super excited.

There is a whole Born to Run collection which is inspired by travel. I love the concept, there's something dreamy and adventurous about it. The concept behind the palette is also so that you have all the eyeshadows you'll need in one palette making it perfect for travelling. The packaging also reflects the whole travel vibe to, not only in the pictures on it but it's really sturdy. In photo's it does looks like cardboard but it's actually plastic with a good weight to it. It feels really expensive and sturdy. It also houses a decent sized mirror too.

Inside it contains 21 shades. 7 are mattes and the rest are shimmers. If you're a regular reader you will know that the matte shadows are my thing and it's rare that I reach for shimmers on an everyday basis. That aside the mattes in this palette are really good and it contains all the essential ones.

The shades are:

Breakaway - this is a pale Ivory colour that has a shimmer to it. It makes a lovely inner corner or brow bone highlight.

Stranded - is a pale Rose colour with a Gold shimmer to it. This is such a pretty shade that can be used as a lid colour or highlighter if you have a deeper skin tone.

Blaze - This is a pale Peach colour with a Pink shimmer to it.

Weekender - is a creamy, matte neutral Beige colour. This actually translates a bit darker than it looks in the pan. It makes a nice transition shade.

Still Shot - is a medium, matte bright Peach colour. I actually really like this as a lid shade. It works well in the crease to.

Riff - this is one of my favourite shades in the palette. It's a medium warm toned Brown. To look at in the pan this does have a very slight micro shimmer but this doesn't really translate on the lid. So I love this as a crease shade.

Good As Gone - is a deep cool toned Brown colour. Like Riff this does have a micro shimmer to it but the shimmer does translate a bit more. I like to use this to line the upper and lower lash line.

Hell Ride - Is a deep matte Fusia. I do really like this shade and it adds something different to the palette. It works really well in the outer v for a more fun look.

Baja - This is another one of my favourite shades! It's matte burnt Orange colour. It works well in the crease and all over the lid. This is one of the shades I'll be reaching for a lot.

Accelerate - This is one of the shimmer shades that I can see myself reaching for loads. It's a metallic Red Copper colour. It looks stunning paired with Baja.

Guilt Trip - Is a shimmery Purple colour. This looks lovely smoked out on the lower lash line.

Ignite - This is another shimmer shade that I love. It's a stunning warm shimmery orange colour. It looks so good all the lid.

Smog - I think this shade has been in a few of the naked palettes and is a very popular shade so I can see why Urban Decay included it in here. The shade is a deep Coppery Bronze colour. It's another great lid shade.

Wanderlust - I have a real weakness for these kind of Green and Blue shade. This is in particular is so pretty. It's a medium to dark Forrest Green with a Gold shimmer. It looks amazing on the lower lash line.

Wildheart - is a bright shimmery Fusia colour. Again this a great lower lash colour. Or it can be used all over the lid.

Punk - is a dark Red toned Brown. I love this in the outer v.

Double Life - is a very pretty warmed toned shimmery Copper colour.

Jet - is a dark Black that has Purple shimmer. To be honest I wish this was just matte. But I still really like for lining the lash line.

Drift - is a Grey shimmery Charcoal colour that has a multi-tonal shimmer to it.

Radio - is a deep Emerald colour with a slight shimmer to it. It's a stunning shade that works well all over the lid or on the lower lash for a pop of colour.

Big Sky - is a beautiful Green-y Blue shade with a silver finish.

All the shimmer shades in the palette are incredibly soft and so pigmented! I love how there's a good mix of everyday shimmers and something more bold and playful. The mattes are equally as good and so easy to blend out. I have no issue with wear time of any the shades either. This palette does pretty much have every eyeshadow you may want to travel with. All housed in sturdy packaging.

Overall, this is a welcomed addition to my collection.

I created a look over on Instagram here.

The Urban Decay Born to Run Palette is available from Debenhams here (£39.50).

What are your thoughts on this palette?

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